Chapter 80: Finale and Final Part 1

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Vincent's POV
New car. Hell yes. It's for my b-day huuuush.

"Your car's gonna get dirty." Sammie said as he took a swig of his soda.

"Yeah, and that's if I let your ice my baby with that soda." I said and he glared.

"Baby?"he said.

"Yes. A car is a baby. And since it's my car it's my baby." I said and he rolled his eyes and finished his soda.

"Whatever it's almost April."he said looking up to the sky.

"Oh that means dad and mom are going to redo their vows." I said rolling my eyes with a sigh.

"Huh?" Sammie said and glanced at me.

"It's a something they do on their anniversary every year." I said.

"Oh that's sweet." Sammie said smiling then he grabbed my hand and entwine our fingers. "We that."he mumbled looking down blushing.

"Hmm maybe." I said smirking. "That's if I marry ya." I said grinning and he glared.

"Your such a ass."he said and I pouted.

"Sorry I was just kidding." I said.

"No it's fine."he said rolling his eyes.

"Let's meet up Derrick at the mall now." I said humming.

"Why?"he asked.

"Because he said somethings wrong with Lenny." I said and Sammie frowned.

"Okay let's go."he said.

Sammie's POV
Once we got to the mall we only saw Derrick not Lenny.

"Where's Lenny?" I ask and Derrick frowns.

"That's what I'm wondering. He would never miss a day of work." Derrick said.

"This is baaaad." Vincent said.

"No $hit Sherlock." Derrick and I said and Vincent glared at us.

"We could always call him." I said.

"I did. And I go straight to voicemail." Derrick said.

"What are you boys up to?" Vincent's dad said coming with boxes.

"Dad have you seen Lenny?" Vincent asked.

His dad frowned and put the boxes down on a table. "What do you mean?"he looked serious now.

"Derrick haven't seen Lenny." I said.

"And he's not answering his phone." Derrick said.

Something flickered in his eyes before he looked back at Vincent. "Take care of these boxes for me."he said turning around.

"Where are ya going?" Vincent asked.

"To find Len-" his dad started to say but bumped into the man himself.

"Lenny!"we all said running over.

Lenny blinked then looked at Vincent's dad. "Where the hell were you?"Vincent's dad said and Lenny blinked more.

"I over slept." Lenny said then moved to the side out of his way.

"You worried me for a sec Bob." Derrick said grinning and Lenny glared.

"I'm not Bob. And you called my phone like a million of times kid." Lenny said looking at his phone.

"I was worried." Derrick said with a frown and Lenny looked up quickly.

"Worried?" Lenny said looking at him.

"You worried us all."Vincent's dad said and Lenny turned around and blinked.

"Well I didn't try to."Lenny said with a shrug.

"What's up with you lately?"Vincent's dad asked.

"Nothing." Lenny said then looked at Derrick. "Did we have a lot of customers?"he asked and Derrick and him walked to the shop.

"Not a lot. But handling it on my own was a bit tough." Derrick said.

I glanced at Vincent who seemed to look awkward. I then glanced at his dad and he seemed hurt.

"Hey let's all eat. I'm starving." I said and they both looks at me.

"You and me both kid." Vincent's dad said grinning. "But I have work to do. So maybe later."he said and picked up the boxes before leaving.

"I feel bad for Lenny...." I heard Vincent say.

I frowned. "I do too. But there's nothing we can really do." I said with a shrug.

"Yes their is. We can find him a guy. Your dad!"he said and I blinked then glared.

"My dad is not gay." I said and Vincent wagged his finger at me.

"Now now Sammie. Have you ever asked?"he said and I opened my mouth to respond but he cut me off. "I bet not. So you don't really know. Plus didn't he say he might know Lenny?"he asked.

"Well-" I started to say.

"To the bat Mobil vile."he said and I shook my head.

"Fine. But I bet he's not." I said.

"Whatever. To the police station we gooooo."he said grinning.

To the police staaaation hahaha lol. Peace out my potatoes.

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