Chapter 63: Laser Tag

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Sammie's POV
This morning we we're all playing basketball together. I might be shirt but I can play. Vincent kept on staring at me though, making my face heat up.

"Stop staring." I said throwing the ball at him but instead of it hitting his chest he caught it.

"Nice catch." Derrick said before drinking his water.

"Why were you staring?" I asked and Vincent smirked.

"Your shirt was coming up when you jumped."he said shooting then smirking at me.

I looked away flushed. "Pervert." I said.

After basketball we made our way to the ice skating area. I was skating fast on ice while Derrick and Vincent was scared, hanging onto the wall.

I skated to them. "Why so scared?" I said smirking.

"I would so kick your ass." Vincent said but slipped and fell on his butt.

I laughed and circled around him. "You suck." Derrick said as he went farther away.

"You suck too!" I yell smiling.

"Are you gonna help me or not?" Vincent said and I skated around him.

"I don't knoow." I said smiling.

"Rude."he said pouting with his arms crossed while I laughed.

"Now Vin-" I started to say but he pulled me down and got up.

"Ha."he said about to try to skate away.

I pulled him down by the leg. He fell and our faces were really close.

"Hey not on the ice love birds!"a guy yelled and his friends started laughing.

I helped Vincent and myself up. "Let's go." Vincent said actually skating but then falling on his face at the end.

Derrick was taking his skates off while chatting with Jamie.

"Yeah so those two are gonna be a lot of work."he said.

"Huh?" I said as Vincent and I sat by him.

"Nothing." Derrick said smiling. "Gotta go Jamie."he said.

"Love you Derrick." Jamie said and Derrick's face flushed.

"Love you too."he said and they hung up.

"Awww Derrick is embarrassed." Vincent said as he took of his skates.

"At least I got someone." Derrick said putting his skates up.

"Fuck you." Vincent said and I laughed.

(You may start the song)

Later that night we planned on playing laser tag. Blue and red we're the two teams.

Vincent's POV
It was a bit dark. The colorful lights were the only thing helping me see. A kid ran up behind me and shot me, well tried.

"I'm on your side du-" I stopped myself from continuing.

"Sorry."the boy said obviously not caring.

"You little brat." I growled and then I was shot and my vest blinked and turned green.

"Ha ha ha."the boy said but then the same thing happened to him.

"Ha ha ha." I said smriking and turned to see who shot us.

But all I saw was a flash of blue eyes. Blue pool eyes I know so well. I grinned. Oh this is gonna be fun.

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