Chapter 53: Christmas Eve

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Hey there is music and a picture. Just a heads up. Oh and don't start the music yet. Okay to thee story.

Sammie's POV
I wake up at eight-thirty eight. I push the covers off me and jump out of bed. I run to the bathroom. Take a shower, brush my teeth. All the usual. I run down the stairs to the kitchen. I make pancakes, eggs, white rice, bacon, and I get the strawberries and whip cream.
I run to mom's room.

"Morning." I say poking my head in while knocking the door. She turned away from me. "Mom." I said placing the tray of food on her desk. I start to shake her. "Mom, get up." I said.

"Give me five more hours."she groans.

"Mom I want you to eat your breakfast before it gets cold." I said and she snores in response. "Mom!" I yell.

"Whaaaaat?"she groans.

"Merry Christmas." I said smirking.

She sat up quickly. "It's Christmas?"she asked looking excited. I got the tray and placed it on her lap. "Breakfast in bed. I hope this isn't my gift."she said smiling.

"Nope,and it won't be your gift tomorrow either." I said shaking my head.

"Huh?"she said as I was walking away from her bed to the door.

"It's Christmas Eve." I said leaving her room.

"Samuel!"she yells as I'm already down stairs putting my coat on.

"Gotta go mom." I say as I put my hat on, gloves, then my scarf.

It was freezing cold out here. My bike was frozen slightly so I was going to have to walk.

Vincent's POV
Snore Snore Snore Snor-

Ding dong ding dong ding dong

"Who the hell is up this early?" I groan as I get up from bed.

Dad's gone off to work and mom has too. Home alone the Christmas version. Except it's not Christmas until tomorrow. And we don't have anything valuable in her- except the gifts and my games!

"What to use as a weapon?" I say looking around frantically.

I got into the kitchen and get skillet. Rapunzel style time. But then my phone rings. It's Sammie.

"Really at a time like this?" I say picking up. "Hello." I whisper.

"Let me in."he said and hung up.

I ran to the door. "Who's there?" I ask.

"Vincent open the damn door. It's cold."he said.

"I don't think I got your name." I said.

"I don't think I'm gonna take you anywhere."he said.

"Who is it? And if you tell me I'll let you in." I said.

"Samuel for the living of-"he started to say.

"Who's Samuel?" I ask while smirking.

"SAMMIE!"he yells and I open the door.

"I swear I could hit you sometimes."he said coming in.

"That's very rude to say." I said flopping down on the couch as he took off his coat and stuff.

"I'm surprised your up."he said sitting down on the couch.

"I was asleep until someone came and woke me up." I said and he laughed.

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