Chapter 24: Great News

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Vincent's POV
Sammie, Derrick, and I went to the field at school. Sammie and Derrick we're practicing while I watched.

"Go Derrick!" I yelled and Derrick grinned while Sammie glared.

"And what am I, leftovers?" Sammie said rolling his eyes.

"No your small." I said grinning.

"And your a cheerleader."he said.

"Why does it always seem to come back to him being a cheerleader?" Derrick asked while laughing.

My phone started ringing. "Hello." I say answering it.

"Come home quick. Your friends can stay with you. Just come I'll be home soon."dad said.

"Okay." I said and he hung up. "Hey guys!" I yelled and they stopped throwing the football.

"What?" Sammie asked annoyed.

I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Dad wants me home. He said you guys can stay over if you guys want to." I said.

"Nope I have to go home." Derrick said grinning at Sammie.

Sammie glared at him then turned to me. "I'll stay until mom gets off work." Sammie said.

"Great!" I said getting off the bleachers.

Derrick drove home. Sammie rode his bike and I walked beside him.

"Sammie." I said breaking the silence.

"Hm?"he said.

"Want to spend time together on Christmas?" I ask while grinning.

He stares at me for a second making me look away. "Sure."he said and I looked back at him and smiled.

"How about Christmas Eve?" I asked him.

"Are you trying to steal all my time?"he asked laughing.

"No." I said feeling my face heat up. "I just thought you'd like to hang out." I said as we came in front of my house.

"Yeah okay."he said rolling his eyes.

Damn you Coach! I would be just fine if it wasn't for him. I'll talk to him tomorrow on Monday. We waited in the living room. I opened a bag of chips.

"I thought air was free?" I said glaring at the low amount of chips in the bag.

Sammie laughs and takes some chips out of the bag. I glared at him. "What?"he asked.

"These chips weren't for you." I said and he grinned.

"You don't like to share food do you?"he asked taking some more chips.

I slant my eyes at him. "No I don't." I said slapping his hand when he tried to get more.

"Ow."he said and pouted. "Well what are you going to do if your boyfriend wants some?"he asked. I frowned. He glanced at me and I saw him quickly regret what he said. "I'm sorry."he said.

"It's okay." I said eating some chips. "Maybe I'll get in a relationship when I find thee one." I said and some reason Sammie popped into my head and I shook my head.

"What if someone tried to steal your heart, would you let him?"he asked.

"That depends who they are, how long I've known them, what they are to me, and...." I went on and on until Sammie slapped his hand over my mouth.

"Never mind just stop."he said. I reacted without thinking and licked his hand. "What the-" he said pulling his hand away with his face completely red.

I don't know what came over me. "Sorry." I said looking away.

"I can't believe you licked me!"he said wiping his hand on his pants.

I glanced at him and his face was still a bit flushed. Ugh! Stupid Coach!

"Vincent."he said and when I looked up he was way too close.

I yelped and tried to scoot back but ended up falling off the couch. He looked down at me.

"You know you ruin very serious conversations."he said glaring down at me.

"Whatever." I said standing up and the door opened.

"Hey boys!" Dad said coming toward us.

"Hey Mr.Carter."Sammie said smiling.

"Hey, where's Derrick?"dad asked.

"He wanted to go home." I said. "So what's up." I said flopping down on the couch as he sat down as well and Sammie decided to take the soft chair.

"I got a job!"dad said grinning.

"Really?!" I said smiling.

"That's great!" Sammie said.

"So what's your job and where is it?" I asked.

"My job is to watch teens like you at the mall."he said grinning.

"Oh goody." I said rolling my eyes.

"So got your eye on anybody?"dad asked me.

"Uhhhhhh." I said and Sammie and my eyes met then I looked away. "Nope." I said. "I just got out a relationship shorta." I said.

"Oh."dad said frowning. "How about you Sammie?"dad asked.

"Uh um well...yeah."Sammie said squirming in his seat a bit flushed.

"What?! And you didn't tell me?!" I yelled. "Wait a minute Mason and Derrick know too don't they! That's what was going on! How come you didn't tell me?!" I yell getting more angry.

"He didn't tell you?"dad said then glanced at Sammie. "Are you straight or gay?"dad asked and Sammie's face went completely red.

"Gay."he said.

Dad glanced at me then Sammie. "Vincent leave the room."he said in a serious voice.

"Huh? Why?!" I say standing up.

"I'll tell you when you can come back."he said.

"That's not fair." I said leaving the room and going upstairs.

Every little thing
Is gonna be alright
Don't worry
About a thing
Cause every little thing
Is gonna be alright

I love Vincent's dad don't you? Any who readers of my other story Just For Your Reaction it is coming to an end very soon. Only two or one part to go. Sad but true.
Anyti way I'll be working on the next chapter now. The next chapter might have more than one POV. Just giving you a heads up. Peace ;)

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