Chapter 44: Sunday

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Vincent's POV
Sammie told me he met some guy at the mall. And that's all hell tell me. I grumble as I walk out the bathroom.

"Who pissed in your milk this morning?" Sammie asked smirking as he turned to see me coming in the Santa area.

"Not now." I grumbled as I flopped down in the seat.

"Oh my bad someone $hit in your cookies too."he said still smirking.

"Sammie your this close and my foot being up your-" I started to say.

"Hey boys!"dad said coming in.

"Hey." Sammie said getting away from me.

"What's with him?"dad whispered.

"I think someone pissed in his milk and $hit in his cookies." Sammie mumbled and my dad started laughing.

"Sammie go!" I ordered him.

"Excuse me?"he said with one eyebrow up looking pretty amused.

"Just get out of here. I don't think I can stand you for the moment." I said and he rolled his eyes.

"Fine."he said and walked out the Santa area heading to the boys' restroom.

"What's wrong?"dad asked.

"Sammie met a guy!" I cried.

"Oh."my dad said giving me a weak smile.

"He won't tell me anything! What if he likes the guy!?" I cried.

"Son."he said. "Sounds to me your jealous."he said and my face heated up.

"I am not!" I said and Sammie came in with a guy laughing.

My blood boiled. Who the hell was this guy?! Who did he think he is?!

When the guy saw me, he said something to Sammie and his face flushed.

What the hell did he say?! I'll tear him limb from limb!

"Calm down son."dad said patting my hand.

Sammie whispered something in the guy's ear. The guy laughed and nodded.

Fuck it! I stood up and walked over to them.

"Who's this?" I ask trying to stay calm.

"This is Jamie, the guy I met yesterday." Sammie said.

"Nice to meet you." Jamie said shaking my hand while smiling.

I smiled as well. Just cause I'm smiling doesn't mean I don't want to hit you in the fucking face.

"I heard a lot about you."he said with a wink and Sammie flushed.

What the hell was that suppose to mean?!

"Sorry I can't say the same." I said pulling my hand back.

"Samuel!" Jamie said turning to Sammie.

Well at least he doesn't call him by his nickname. Sammie flinched.

"Why are you so loud?" Sammie said.

"Sorry, but why didn't you tell Vincent about me?"Jamie asked pouting.

"Because he got on my nerves."Sammie said.

"Rude." I said and Sammie rolled his eyes.

"So where's Derrick?" Jamie said looking excited.

Oh yeah he's gay. Which means I must protect Sammie.

"He doesn't work with us." Sammie said.

"Aww." Jamie said looking disappointed. Then he turned to me. "Is it true Derrick's straight?"he asked.

And my jaw dropped. So he's after Derrick too?!

"Uhhh he likes someone and yeah." I said and Jamie frowned.

"He likes someone?"Jamie said and turned to Sammie. "You didn't tell me he liked someone."he said playing with his fingers.

"I didn't know. Vincent is the one who knows Derrick longer than me."he said.

"So what are you doing here exactly?" I ask Jamie.

"Oh I just wanted to meet you." Jamie said. "I'll be going. Bye! See you later Sammie!"he said leaving.

Sammie sighed. "He's a lot of work like you. You guys should get along fine." Sammie said and dad laughed.

"Run that by me one more time." I hissed.

"Why are you so angry today?"he asked.

" met a guy then wouldn't tell me anything." I said.

"Well it's not like I like him or anything. Besides he's interested in Derrick and I love someone else."he said then walked over to my dad.

He loves someone? My heart shattered. I closed my mouth. I thought it was just like.......

It doesn't matter! I won't let Sammie just be taken away that easily.

And there we go. You guys are a welcome. Bye love you guys. And by doing this I probably won't update tomorrow. Well you'll see if I do or not. Also sad news on How To Write a Love Story. It might be shorter and end earlier than I thought it would. And like I said might. It might and then it might not. Just giving you guys a heads up. And then again I'm thinking about rewriting it. But I'm not sure yet. Byeeee ╥﹏╥

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