Chapter 54: Christmas!

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This took me all day. By the way there is a picture and music again. Anyway to thee story.

Vincent's POV
I swear I couldn't sleep. That kiss has been lingering. And it's making me have some....dreams. And I've been trying to act cool about this situation. And today I'm gonna see Sammie. I'm way too sleepy to get up.

"Vincent it's Christmas."I heard dad say, he must be right next to my door.

"I'm too tired." I groaned getting under the covers.

"I'll just let ________wake you up."he said.

I was way too sleepy to hear that part.

I hear my door open. "Dad go away." I groan.

"I'm not your dad."a voice said.

I sat up quickly. It was pffffftttt Sammie. I bit my lip trying to hold in the laugh.

"I didn't know this way an ugly sweater party." I said and he rolled his eyes.

"I'm gonna take it off and put on the sweater I wanted to wear in a bit."he said.

"I see your mom forced you." I said smirking.

"Like always."he said grinning then it became quiet. "Well you should get dressed. I have a feeling your only wearing boxers."he said laughing as he headed to the door.

"I might not be wearing any." I said wiggling my eyebrows.

His face heated up and he looked away. Then he walked out my room. Once he was gone I fell back. My face was burning.

I. Can't. Believe. I. Just. Said. That.

I touched my lips, remembering the kiss. My lips were a bit dry. I licked them then I decided to get up and get another hour or so.

Okay that wasn't a good idea. The way I woke up is by my cousins jumping on me.

"What the hell Madison and Rick!" I yell as I sit up.

"Ahhhhhh!"they both said.

"Do you not know how to not curse in front of children?"a voice said. I looked to the left side of the room and he was shaking his head while smiling.

"I do just not very good at it." I say to him then turn to the brats. "Get out my room before throw you guys somewhere." I say and they start screaming.

"I'm sorry has my family been bothering you?" I ask and I see him smile more.

"No it's great."he said and my eyes widened. "Your whole family is practically here."he said sounding amazed.

What about Sammie's family?

I guess he noticed I was looking at him. "Uh they don't really get along. Mom and sis don't always get along but she's here."he said.

What about your dad?

"Well get dressed."he said about to leave that's when I noticed he wasn't wearing the ugly sweater anymore. "Oh and next time you should wear boxers to sleep."he said with his face flushed before leaving.

I tilt my head to the side. I was just joking with him
I am wearing box-
I pull up the cover to look and don't see any.

"Well $hit." I say then my face starts heat up.

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