Chapter 17: #FML

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Before I start anyone know which movie the picture came from? No, Maybe, Yes? Anyway to the story.

Vincent's POV
Fuck me and my life. So guess what happened today at school? I'll tell you what. Everything was fine at first. I told Derrick he wasn't surprised and him and Sammie we're making plans on beating him up. All good but it started in the cafeteria.

"Vincent." a voice called for my name as I was walking with Sammie and Derrick to my table.

I recognized the voice all too well. I froze, why wouldn't my feet move.

"Don't turn around," Derrick said.

Well, thanks a lot, Derrick. Of course, my body is going to do the opposite of what you say! But Sammie dragged me to the table before I could. Thank goodness. But he followed.

"Vincent!" he said rougher and a bit louder.

We sat down at the table. I closed my eyes and prayed. I guess I didn't pray hard enough cause there he was in front of me.

"Vincent let me exp-"Mason started to say.

"Stop. Don't talk to him. Your a loser ass wanna be....." Sammie said changing Twaimz lyrics up a bit.

I laughed as he kept on going. Mason glared at him.

"You are not apart of this," Mason said.

"And you are no longer apart of him," he said smiling. "Now move your ass over there or outta here," Sammie said.

"You say ass now?" I say shocked.

Sammie rolls his eyes while smiling. Mason leans closer.

"Like I said I need to talk to him," Mason said.

"And like I said..." Sammie said leaning closer as well. "Don't talk to him," he said.

"Bitch,"Mason said.

"Right back at you slut," Sammie said and ohs went around the cafeteria. it weird I'm laughing. I don't care it's hilarious! Mason's jaw dropped so low. OMG LOL!

"No words huh?" Sammie said smirking.

"You're gay," Mason said.

"Yeah and so are you," Sammie said rolling his eyes.

"Wait your gay?" I say.

"Uh yeah," Sammie said shifting uncomfortably.

"I'm bi," Mason said glaring at him. Then Mason grinned. "Mind me saying how you know your gay?" Mason said.

Sammie paled. Wait what's wrong? Come on Sammie you were on a roll! Sammie glanced at me then looked away.

"Samm-" I started to say.

"Slut, ass, cheater, fake, bitch," Sammie said to Mason.

Mason grinned. "Well, I'm not a whole faggot like you," Mason said. Sammie's hands balled into fists. "And I had one thing you won't ever get," Mason said.

Huh? What is he talking about?
Sammie's eyes got watery and next thing you know.


Mason's on the ground and his nose is bleeding.

"Oh my god!" girls scream.

"$hit," Sammie said realizing what he just did.

"Damn Samuel!" Derrick said standing up.

"I-I didn't...." Sammie glanced at me and looked away again.

Mason's friends came up to Sammie as a girl was taking Mason to the nurse.

"So your gonna punch Mason like that?" one guy said while cracking his knuckles.

"Hey back off!" I growled at them getting in front of Sammie.

"Oh or what?" the guy said.

Sammie grabbed my arm and so did Derrick. And they ran dragging me with them.

"I messed up," Sammie said pacing around in the boy's restroom. "Bad," he said stopping.

"It's my fault. You were just trying to help me out." I said feeling guilty.

"He deserved it though," Derrick said sitting on top of the sink.

"What am I going to do?" Sammie asked. "I could be kicked out of football," he said pacing again.

"Most likely you won't be allowed to participate in the next game and be suspended for a couple of days," Derrick said.

"The thing you should really be worrying about is Mason's friends," I said.

"Don't worry about that," he said.

"What made you punch him anyway?" I asked sitting on the sink next to Derrick.

Sammie and Derrick looked at each other. Wait Derrick knows but I don't?! I crossed my arms.

"How come everyone else knows but I don't?" I asked.

Before anyone could even answer the speaker turned on. "Samuel Parker come to the office right now." the deep voice said which was most likely Mr. Rich our principal.

Duh duh duuuuhhhhh! Okay that was stupid lol. I'm sorry if you guys thought Sammie was you know too much but I mean Mason deserved a punch at least. And if you were in his never mind but you understand. Well until the next episode..... Chapter XD bye my little army of potatoes. Oh wait who do you think Vincent should end up with? Do you believe Mason can get his $hit together? Or are you a Samcent? Vinson or Samcent? Which one do you choose? If you share and fan I might just tell you who I pick ;)

And then maybe not. Bye!

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