Chapter 55: Meet Jamie

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Vincent's POV
Okay so maybe at night wasn't a good thing to watch the video. I thought maybe dad sent something scary or something. My one question is where the hell does he get this stuff of Sammie. But this one has messed me up. My pants feel tight as fuck. And I'm gonna see Sammie tomorrow. How can I act normal when I've seen him dance like that.

"Morning."dad said smirking.

"Shut up dad." I said with a groan. "Where's mom?" I asked.

"Work, so how did you like that video?"he asked.

I drinked some orange juice. "Don't ask." I said slamming the cup down and he laughed.

"Oh I'm sorry did it excite you?"he asked laughing and my face heated up.

"Daaaaad." I whine.

"Sorry."he laughs.

"I couldn't sleep cause of it." I say before drinking my orange juice.

"And why is that?"he asked smirking.

"Leave me alone." I say as the door opens and it's Sammie. Dad gave him a key to our house on Christmas as a gift.

"Morning."he said avoiding eye contact with me which was fine. Because after that video there's no way I can look him in the eye.

"Morning." I said gulping down the rest of my orange juice.

"You two are a pain in my ass."dad said looking aggervated.

"What's with you pops?" I ask and he ignores me.

"Hey Sammie mind making us some breakfast?"dad asked leaving out the kitchen.

"I'll make breakfast sure." Sammie said coming into the kitchen.

We glanced at each other and then he put on an apron. I started laughing and he turned to glare at me.

"Why are you wearing an apron?!" I laugh and he glares some more.

"It's because mom would kill me if my pajamas got dirty."he said and that's when I realized he was wearing pajamas. It was like I was undressing him with my eyes. "Stop staring."he said looking away flushed.

I averted my eyes and flushed as well. "Your pajamas look cute." I said and he looked at me and his face grew darker. I smiled and ruffled Hus hair. "Kidding." I said about to leave the kitchen.

"Uh you know I could teach you how to cook."he said playing with the apron.

"I'd like that." I said smiling and he blushed then turned away.

"Whatever."he said and I wrapped my arms around his waist. "Wha- What are you doing?!"he said flustered.

"I'm sleepy." I said laying my head on his shoulder.

"Well go to bed."he said.

"But your suppose to teach me how to cook." I said as he got out of my grasp.

"Being sleepy will mess up the food. Go sleep."he said shooing me.

"Rude." I said sticking out my tongue and he laughed.

"Just go."he said laughing while pushing me out the kitchen.

And I turned and almost screamed. Dad was watching.

"You should of bit his ear or something."dad whispered while grinning.

My face grew hot. "Da-ad!" I said and he laughed.

Sammie's POV
After eating Vincent and I headed out to Derrick's.

"Why are we going to the mall?" Vincent asked.

"I don't know Derrick is the one who wants to go." I said shrugging.

"Samuel!"a voice yelled.

I turned around and was tackled by Jamie. "Hey get off him now." Vincent said pulling Jamie off me.

"I was just saying hi." Jamie pouted at Vincent.

"Who's this?" Derrick asked laughing.

"Derrick this is Jamie." I said as Vincent growled at Jamie.

"Derrick!" Jamie said walking away from Vincent to Derrick.

"Hi." Derrick said grinning.

Jamie's face flushed. "Uh nice to meet you."he said looking down.

"Ah don't be shy." Derrick said grinning.

"Well their hitting it off well." Vincent whispers to me and I nod.

"Well I gotta go back to Game Stop." Jamie said to me. "Byeee!"he said running off.

"He's gay isn't he?" Derrick asked.

"How the hell you know?!" Vincent and I said at the same time.

"My two best friends are gay how can I not tell if someone's gay?"he asked laughing.

"Well uh do you like him?" I asked.

"He sounds like a cool guy. Why?"he asked smirking.

"Well I was thinking maybe you two-" I started to say but Vincent covered my mouth.

"Derrick are you sure your straight?" Vincent asked and Derrick laughed.

"Yeah." Derrick said laughing. "I mean see if I did this."he said pushing me into Vincent and we blush. "See if someone pushed a guy into me I would probably push the guy back not get all flustered."he said. "I've never found a guy attractive."he said shrugging.

"So you've found girls attractive?" I asked and he nodded then a girl walked past.

"Speaking of attractive."he said walking after the girl.

"Perv." I said and Vincent laughed.

"Maybe that's why he wanted be at the mall." Vincent said laughing.

Well guys Derrick and Jamie met. What do you guys think will happen next? Also guys I think How To Get Over It is going to be short. But don't worry. The third book will probably be longer than the first. Byeeee my little potatoes.

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