Chapter 40: The Game

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Sammie's POV
I'm freaking out. I'm pacing back and fourth. We're all in the hall waiting to run outside on the field. Cheerleaders are going to perform soon. What if I make the team lose?

"Hey!" Coach yelled at us making us all look up at him. "We might of lost last game, but if we try our hardest we can win!"he yelled. "Do it for your mom!"he yelled.

"Yeah!"we all yelled.

"Do it for your family!" Coach screamed.

"Yeah!"we yelled.

"Do it for your girlfriend or boyfriend!" Coach yelled. And we all stared at him. "I see you all are lonely."he said and we all glared at him. "Alright it for the person you wish was your lover!"he yells.

"Yeah!"we yell.

"Now go!"he yells as we all yell and run out to the field.

Vincent's POV
Go Sammie!
S-A-M-M-I-E x3

"Go lions! Let's go!"half of the crowd yells.

"Go bulls!"the other half yells.

After cheering the cheerleaders from the other school give me looks. Okay everyone who's not from over here is giving me weird looks.

"Do you like what you see." I say to the cheerleaders from the other school.

Some laugh and others roll their eyes. We sit in the area where cheerleaders sit. It's nice sitting at the top. It was like a balcony. To tell the truth I was only keeping my eye on Sammie. What happened yesterday did make me a bit flustered but.... I can't fall for Sammie. Besides he likes someone. And falling in love will only cause pain.

"Sam, Sammie." I said thinking.

"Huh?" Alexis said.

"Just thinking of another nickname. The more I have the more I can just say one and he won't know which one I'll hit him with." I said grinning and she shook her head smiling.

Sammie coated us a few points which made Coach pissed.

Sammie's POV
"Get your damn head in the game!" Coach growled.

"Yes sir." I say and put my helmet back on.

Damn it. I'm gonna make our team lose. I just know it. I get back in the huddle so we can come up with a plan. We start again. Someone throws the ball to me. I run as fast as I can....but I throw it to Derrick then I get crushed by the bulls team. $hit it hurts. I can't even see with them all on top of me.

"Sammie!"a voice yells.

My head hurts. I push but can't get them off. WTF! I don't have the stupid dang ball!

"Get the fuck off!"a voice yells.

"Get off now!"another voice said.

I opened my eyes. I was laying in the snow. I felt so cold. I saw Coach and Vincent. Everyone was staring at me. How embarrassing.

"Bench." Coach said pointing behind him.

I watched as they played. Our school won. But that's only because they had less people. The guys that wouldn't get off me had to sit out. It wasn't a fair win. Mom had to go to work so she dropped me off at home. I watched TV in the living room depressed. Then the door bell rung.

"What?!" I yell as I walk to the door.

"It's Vincent."he said and I opened the door.

"Are you okay?"he asked looking at me with concerned.

Physically, surprisingly yes.
Mentally, nope.

"I did terrible." I groaned as I let him in. He closed the door behind him.

"Hey, don't beat yourself up about it."he said rubbing my shoulder.

"But if only I was better, stronger." I said looking at the ground.

"We won."he said giving me a weak smile.

"It wasn't a fair win." I said walking upstairs.

"Sammie!"he whines as I go into my room.

I fall back on my bed and I see him coming in my room. He closes the door. Then looks at me sadly.

"Hey it's Friday and tomorrow we got work."he said.

"Oh joy." I said turning over.

"Sammie I....I don't know what you want me to do or say."he said flopping down on the bed.

I looked up at him as he sighed. I sat up and turned to him. "Entertain me." I said.

"What?!"he said as his face heated up.

"I'm bored, I feel like $hit, I feel useless." I said laying back. Vincent started tickling me. "What are you doing?!" I yell as I laugh.

"Trying to get you to smile."he said tickling me some more.

"Vincent!" I laugh.

"Try harder next time."he said and took his hands away from me.

"Alright." I said exhaling.

"Sam."he said and I looked at him quickly and he was grinning like a idiot.

"Dummy." I say hitting him with my pillow.

"Your a dummy."he said taking away the pillow and hitting me.

I took the pillow and pushed him against the bed. I hit him in the face with the pillow.

"Sammie!"he laughs then I slam the pillow on his face and keep it there. "Sammie I need ai-"he starts to say.

I put my face on the pillow. I kiss it. And I pull back. Vincent sits up with the pillow. Then he takes the pillow away from his face.

Hahahaha cliffhanger. And more will happen tomorrow. Yay! Bye my little potatoes.

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