REREAD Very Important Note (GO TO THE BOTTOM)

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Hey everyone, I need people to comment or message me about this because depending on my choice this book could be leaving Wattpad.

I got a message on Wattpad about a writing opportunity. Obviously not from Wattpad or it wouldn't be leaving. I didn't trust it being real at first but it is though I'm not sure if I will take it or not. This book and Coffee Stains could be moving to an app (also a website) called Dreame. I didn't know it was like a branch from FicFun but it is. I've heard mixed feelings about FicFun and I assume Dreame is new.

But what I'm trying to say is depending which contract I take if I do decide to work with Dreame this book and possibly Coffee Stains will only have some chapters on Wattpad while the rest goes on Dreame. I've heard they will be getting a coin system probably so readers can earn free coins I think but I want to make sure. I'm not sure if you all will be able to pay to read. So I need to know who would be able to and who will not be able to. I also want those who can't pay to still be able to read.

You all have helped me get far so I care about you all. Your opinions matter too. What do you all think about this?

AND SO IT HAS BEEN DECIDED THAT THIS PROBABLY WILL NOT BE REMOVED. One, they didn't ever get back to me so if something changes I'll let you know. Two, I was meh about it. Maybe I'll just put it on Tapas or keep it on here and see if I ever get noticed in by Wattpad XD

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