Chapter 27: How Do You Like Me Now?!

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Vincent's POV
Today is the first day of sweet of December. December 18th is the last day of school and also the day of the game.

"Falalalalala." I sing as I skip through the hall way.

"You can't sing." Sammie said nudging me.

"Sh." I said putting my finger on his lips. His face heats up and he pushes my finger away.

"Don't put that-"he began to say.

"Shush, listen." I say with my eyes closed.

"To what?"he asked.

"To how much I don't care." I said opening my eyes and him glaring at me.

"I'm leaving now."he said.

"Wait! I was just kidding." I said laughing with his arm in my hand. He blushes harder but I'm too busy laughing.

"Love birds get out of the way." Mason snarls pushing Sammie away from me.

"Well last time I checked when we we're dating you were all over me." I said touching all over myself and Sammie laughed but also blushed. Mason glared at Sammie and I. "Don't be a Hypocrite." I said.

"Whatever."he said and Sammie tripped him when he was about to fall.

"My bad." Sammie whistled.

"Fuck you." Mason grumbled as he stood up.

"Not untyouyou do it first." Sammie said smiling.

"Alright let's go." I said grabbing Sammie's arm but Mason yanked him away.

"He'll be back." Mason said taking Sammie away and there gone.

Sammie's POV
Mason slammed me against a wall in the empty boys restroom. "Now I've been very nice to you."he growled.

"And what the fuck do you call being nice?! Cause this is definitely not nice." I hissed.

He smirked and his grip on my shirt loosen. "I haven't told Vincent anything about you liking him."he said.

"For your own benefit." I scoffed and his grip tighten.

"No. I don't like Vincent anymore."he hissed.

I smirked. "Your right, you love him. And it pains you that he's over you. And it makes you mad that you can't get over him." I said and he punched me in my stomach.

"Shut up!"he yelled as I gasped for air.

"But it's true." I said. "You hate me because I love him too. And that I might have a chance to take him away from you completely." I said and he punched me again.

"I said shut the hell up!"he yelled.

"You reap what you sow." I say weakly.

"Why the hell are you telling me this!"he yells.

"Because we both are going through the same thing!" I yelled. "We love someone who will never accept our feelings back!" I yell and he punches me causing me to cough a bit of blood but not a lot.

"You don't know anything! Just shut the hell up!" I could tell he was crying.

"It's your fault. He loved you and you just pushed his love away." I said and he punched me again.

"Sammie!" Vincent yells as I Mason drops me on the ground.

Things are getting blurry.

"Oh my god Sammie!" Vincent cries. Vincent turns to Mason and slaps him. Mason's eyes widen. "Why the fuck do you keep on coming after me when you never loved me!" Vincent yelled crying.

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