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XD hahaha no not an update but I just thought most people would see on here. So I've been trying to be organized. And I wanted you guys to know that I will probably have lot's of books on my account. I know hahaha yaaaay. But anyways the I'm a series might have two more books after I'm a Cop book and then maybe not. I'm a Cop might be the final book. Also the How To series might be rewritten so lot's of things might change in that series. After I'm done with those two series I will start trying to finish Honey Shot and Hot N' Cold. After Honey Shot their might be some books after that maybe later after I don't have that many books to finish. After Hot N' Cold they'll be another book in the series. Just Leave It All To Me has to be done before or on 10-20-16. My Youth is a working process book and it will take probably a looooong time to finish. Which is okay because I really like that book xD. Um is their any books I'm missing? I don't think so- OH! They'll will be lots of new books coming once I finish my series books. So be reaaaady! Bye my lovely potatoes. Commmmment please and thank you XD

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