Chapter 81: Finale and Final Part 2

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Sammie's POV
Dad was leaning back in the chair. He tipped his hat up to look at us. He didn't look to happy.

"You boys better have not caused any trouble."he said said sitting up and pointing his from at us.

"We didn't." Vincent said.

"Well this better be important. I am on my lunch break."he said getting some cheese cake on his fork.

"Well we have some questions to ask you." Vincent said.

"Not we, you." I said and Vincent rolled his eyes.

Dad was chewing his cake. "What kind of questions?"he asked.

"Stuff about dating." Vincent said smirking and dad looked up and chewed slowly.

"Who's the desperate woman?"dad asked.

"Not a woman." Vincent said grinning.

Dad blinked and leaned back. Then crossed his arms. "I don't swing that way."dad said simply then went back to his cheese cake.

"Dad could you at least meet the guy." I said. And he shrugged and kept eating. "Please." I said and he leaned back chewing.

He swallowed then tilt his head to the right then left. "Fine. I'll meet this desperate man and tell him I'm not interested."he said and I sighed.

"Fine just meet him. Then decide." Vincent said getting up.

Dad looked at me then sighed. "Kids these days."he said closing his eyes. "Let's go."he said.

Vincent's POV
At the mall

"I know that guy."his dad said.

"Yep Lenny." I said.

"Hey what are you guys doing here with a cop?" Lenny asked coming over.

"I heard you wanted a date."his dad said tipping his hat up.

"...What?" Lenny asked looking confused.

"Listen sir. Your not bad looking. But I'm not gay. And I honestly don't have time for dating. Your probably a great guy. I'll help you find a guy maybe. Now I have work to do."his dad said and turned around and left.

"Really?" Sammie and I said.

Lenny blinked. "The fuck. What the hell did you two tell that guy?" Lenny asked.

"Uhhhhh." I said.

"All him." Sammie said pushing me forward.

Lenny slanted his eyes at me. "You and your dad."was all he said before looking away and walking away.

Theeee Neeeext Daaaaay

Sammie's POV
Vincent was eating ice cream pouting.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Dad's making me dress in a tux for the thing."he said and I rolled my eyes.

"Well it seems special to him." I said as the front door I heard open.

Then his dad came into the kitchen where we were. He smiled when he saw us.

"I'm glad you guys are here. I need you two to pass out invitations."he said grinning.

"Ugggghh." Vincent groaned.

"Quit complaining and help."his dad said giving us the invitations.

"Dad you could just mail them you know." Vincent said and I noticed his dad still had one invitation in his hand.

He looked at it. Then he sighed and put it in his back pocket.

"Is everything else ready?" I ask.

"Uh well Marion still has to probably get some stuff together. Me, I need to get a new tux and probably my guys need tuxes."he said grinning at me.

"So you choose your best man and everything?" I asked.

"I always had my best man....he just never showed up to my first...and wasn't here for the others."his dad said running fingers through his hair. "This year my best man might just come. If I make him."he said grinning and got out his keys. "Come on boys. We're going on a little trip."he said.

Who's the best man? We all know I'm sure. Where are they going? We all know lol. Byeeee my potatoes.

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