Chapter 31: I Can't....

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Sammie's POV

"Shut up Samuel Parker!" Alexis yells.

I shut my mouth closed. What do I do?

"Alexis why are you doing this?" I say staying calm.

"You are so clueless aren't you?! No reason Mason hates you!"she yelled and my eyes widen. she saying she....

"Listen Alexis just tell Veronica-" I started to say.

"She hates homos!"she yelled crying.

"Then she should hate me." I said.

"She doesn't except your gay."she said tightening her grip around my shirt.

Damn it why am I always in these situations?

"Well you should still tell her how you feel." I said and she glared at me.

"You have no right to tell me that! When you haven't told your feelings to Vincent!"she yelled.

"Your right." I said and her grip loosen. "I'm afraid like you are. What could he say? How will he feel? Will we won't be friends anymore?" I said and she cried. "But does it look like I'm blaming all my problems on someone else." I said.

"You don't understand."she said shaking her head.

"What do I not understand?!" I yelled.

I was getting impatient.

"Maybe if you were gone all these problems wouldn't be in people's life."she said.

How could she....Maybe she's right....Maybe if I wasn't here Mason wouldn't have looked for someone else to be with since Vincent wouldn't. Maybe Vincent would still be happy. He would of probably been a football player instead of a cheerleader. Mom....she wouldn't have to work so much.

Vincent's POV
Stupid me! It's not like it's Sammie's job to walk me home. I walked to the park and saw Sammie to a tree and Alexis.

"Sammie?" I started running to see what was going on.

But next thing I know he's pushed into the river.

"Sammie!" I yell.

I run towards the river and Alexis stares at the river in with widen eyes.

"I'm-" she starts to say.

"Shut up!" I yell. "Sammie?!" I yell.

Sammie's POV
Damn it! This reminds me the time I almost drowned. Maybe this is it....

"Sammie?!"a voice yells.

Vincent? I reach out but....

Vincent's POV
"What are you doing?"she asked as I was taking my shirt off.

"Call the ambulance just in case." I say and jump in the river.

I look around and I find him. I bring him out and put him on the ground. I push on his chest.

"Excuse me, someone has almost drowned in the river." Alexis said on the phone.

"Damn it Sammie." I grunt as I pushed his chest one more time.

He coughs up water. He wipes his eyes. "Vincent?"he coughs.

"Why do you do this to me?!" I yell with my eyes watering.

Alexis turns to me. "Their on there way."she said not looking at Sammie at all.

Sammie's POV
Mom said this summer I'm taking swimming classes. Like that'll fix anything. I use to know how to swim. But almost drowning when I was six in a half made me forget somehow.
Today is Wednesday now. Vincent....I worried him half to death.

"Sammie."a voice said as I closed my locker.

I turned around and there was Mason.

"What is it?" I say really not in the mood.

"I heard what happened...."he mumbled.

"Yeah the whole school pretty much knows!" I snapped.

I feel like a whimp. Vincent deserves way better than me.
I look away from Mason.

"All of us have weaknesses."he said. "Don't beat yourself about it."he said and I looked up but he was walking down the hallway.

I sighed and went through my hair. "Sammie!"a voice said and I was hugged.

I got out of the hug. It was Derrick. "Don't be so mushy." I said smirking.

"How can I not when mister over here told me you almost drowned.

Mister? I looked behind him. And there was Vincent. He looked up at me with concern.

"I'm okay." I say giving him a weak smile.

He looks at me then pulls my shirt. He hugs me tight. My face burns but I hug back. I don't care if people are staring,whispering, or etc. I just want to feel this moment. Lol that song....

"Sammie."he said pulling away.

"Yeah?" I said.

"I swear I will sucker punch you so hard if you ever scare me again."he said and I grinned.

"I'll get stronger than." I said still grinning.

"And to make sure that happens during the summer you will be learning karate with me and I'll also be doing swimming class with you."he said smirking.

"Oh goodie more time of freedom and fun taken away from me." I said rolling my eyes.

"Yep."he said actually smiling now making me smile as well.

"Yeah okay,whatever." I said.

Happy endings like always. Alexis has a suspension for the whole week. Veronica being a bitch like always. Mason what giving advice?! Sammie and Vincent moments yay! Bye guys :)

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