Chapter 50: Twisted Tuesday

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Before we start the story I would like to thank Courtney202010 again. Now to thee story.

Vincent's POV
"Damn it." I groaned as I layed my head on my arms on the table. Dad went quickly to work today so he could get played extra, so he wouldn't get in trouble, and also because he didn't want to hear me.

"Honey." Mom said coming down stairs in a robe rubbing her eyes.

"Dad just left." I said groaning.

"I know, I was talking to you."she said sitting at the table across from me.

"Mom, I've failed again." I groaned.

"I'm sorry, did Sammie reject you?"she said yawning.

"Huh?!" I said sitting up to look at her. But she was asleep. "Mom you'll catch a cold." I said standing up.

It took a while to get mom up the stairs. I practicality had to throw her in the bed. I covered her up with the cover. When I came into the kitchen my phone beeped. I looked at it. Dad sent me something. I clicked on it.

Sammie's POV
Only three of us. I gulped as I felt my stomach twisting.

"Today our contestants are going to dance." Jamie said grinning.

I saw Mr. Carter on his phone. What is he doing? Probably getting ready to record me again. I wonder what he did with that picture and video?

"To sexy music." Jamie said and I glared at him. He winked at me and gave me thumbs up. I looked over at Mr. Carter again and he was grinning at me. Don't pretend like your not planning anything. "I hate you both." I mumbled.

"They will change into something sexy and dance to the song." Jamie said. "And the judges will judge on how you guys clap again, what they wear, and how they dance."he said.

As I went on the stage my face was flushed. This is embarrassing. I didn't want to do this in front of people I knew and people I didn't know.

"You want to do it in front of Vincent?" Jamie said wiggling is eyebrows while smiling.

I guess I said that out loud. I turn to look at him with my face completely red as I glared at him.

"Go and have fun."he said pushing me out onto the stage.

(Play thee music lol.XD poor Sammie. Also you may imagine how Sammie is dancing. I'll add some stuff though)

As soon as the song turned on I wanted to flick Jamie off but I had to dance. This is embarrassing. Just ignore people watching me. I loosen my tie. People cheered. Oh no not this again. Roses, shirt,bra- Underwear?! Bruuuuhhhh. And now boxers. Okay that's it I'm done. Well I wish I could be. This song is so long. Why the hell are guards not getting them or something.

The moves I'm doing are way too embarrassing. And guess who's recording? Please just don't show this to Vincent. I would just die. I moved my hand down my chest. Mr. Carter was laughing. Jamie was looking surprised.

"Take it off!"someone yelled in the crowd.

Excuse me?! I'm not taking a damn thing off!

Then Jamie mouthed 'unbutton your shirt'

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