Chapter 30: Warning

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Sammie's POV
Just a simple Tuesday and after school for practice. I was breathing hard when it happened. Someone tapped me and I turned around expecting Vincent but it was Alexis.

"Hey." I said breathlessly.

She smiled. "Hi, can we talk after practice?"she asked.

"Uh well I was suppose to walk with Vincent today." I said standing up straight.

"Well it's really important."she said looking everywhere but my face.

"Okay, I'll tell Vincent I'm busy then." I said nodding as she smiled and left.

I sighed and then a football was thrown into my stomach. "Damn you Mason!" I yelled.

But it wasn't Mason.... He was too busy talking to a friend and the football came from somewhere else. I looked at Derrick but he was talking to Coach.

"Sammie."a voice said.

I turned around to see Vincent grinning at me.

I slanted my eyes at him. "Oh so you think it's funny?" I said trying to hold back my tears.

That $hit hurt. I mean that football hit my stomach hard. I rubbed it as he just stared at me.

"What are you talking about?"he said and his grin faded.

"Never mind." I grumbled while rubbing my stomach.

"Are you hungry?"he asked looking down at my stomach.

"No." I said squinting at the pain.

"Oh what's wrong then?"he asked.

"Someone threw a football at my stomach." I said and he bit his lip.


"Do you want me to kiss it better?"he asked smirking but then his face heated up and so did mine.

"No thank you." I laughed nervously and turned away and walked away.

Alexis' POV
Why does Veronica always stare at Sammie when obviously he likes Vincent? If only she would notice me....
A football was thrown over here.

"Isn't he sooo cute?" Veronica gushes.

Vincent glares at her then goes back to talking to the Coach and cheerleaders about what to say. I don't know why..... I do know why. But I regret it. Throwing at Sammie with so much force. And then he thought it was Vincent. He got mad but goo d thing he didn't stay mad at Vincent. Today I'll tell him. I watched Sammie and Vincent talk after practice. Vincent frowned at whatever Sammie said then gave him a weak smile. Sammie said something that made Vincent shake his head then gave him a fake smile. But when Vincent walked past me I saw pain on his face. Sorry Vincent I'll make it up to you.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Sammie asked when he found at the park we we're suppose to meet.

"I like Veronica." I said and his eyes widen.

"Wha-What?! How could you like-"he started to say but stopped himself when he saw me frown. "Okay is that all?"he asked.

"She likes you." I said looking at the ground.

And he laughed and anger filled me as I glared at him.

"Uh okay so what. I don't like her. Besides I'm gay."he said shyly at the last part.

"I'm warning you." I said.

Sammie's POV
I just realized the expression on her face. "Listen I don't like her so you can chill." I said about to touch her shoulder.

But she grabbed my hand and pushed me against a tree. I know I'm weak. Okay but she's taller than I was shock.....Okay she's a girl! That's the reason!

"I'm sorry Sammie but you have something I don't."she said.

Why the hell am I getting that said to me from people lately. First Mason now Alexis. I guess love can make a person crazy. Am I crazy? I hope I'm not and won't be.

"Alexis look I'm sorry that Veronica likes me but I won't ever date her so-" I began to say.

Ohhhh what will happen? Any guesses? Anti who's sorry it's a bit short. Bye guys!

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