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Chapter 8: And the Mondays Continue

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I couldn't help myself. I'm continuing today.

Vincent's POV
I turned around and came face to face with Sammie.

"Sammie?!" I said surprised.

He smirked which made me a bit calm. At least he's not out of it like he was before.

"So no one else can call me Sammie eh?" he asked with an eyebrow up but smiling.

"That's right," I said grinning.

"Samuel how do you just let him treat you this way?!" Veronica cries.

I flash her a glare. As she runs to Samuel. And Alexis doesn't seem to happy either.

"I gotta go," he said pushing Veronica away then smiling at me. "Bye," he said smiling at me then waving at Alexis and went with the other football players.

I smile as he walks away. Then I glare at Veronica. "Why are you throwing yourself at him?" I asked.

"I like him," Veronica said and Alexis twitched and I shivered.

"Poor Sammie has the devil liking him," I said shivering.

"Shut up," she said. "Anyway I just have to win him over," she said.

"He doesn't like you. And never will." I said snapping.

"Anythings possible. And are you jealous when your already dating someone?" she asked looking amused.

"I'm not-" I started to say.

"Jealous of what?" a voice said.

I yelp and jump back. I turn around and it's Mason.

"Hey Vincent," he said grinning.

"Hi," I say as Veronica smirks.

"Hello brother," she said.


"Ehhhhh?!" I say.

Mason laughs at my reaction. "We're step-siblings," he said.

"How do you deal with....that all day?!" I yelled pointing at Veronica.

She glares at me while Mason laughs. "At first we didn't get along especially when she found out I was bi," he said.

"Oh, I still don't see how you deal with her," I said slanting my eyes at her.

"Well have fun," he said and kissed me on the forehead and left.

Eventually, they did teach me some moves. Mason drove me home and I decided to finish my homework. Then my phone started ringing.

"Hey." the voice said.

"Hey who's this?" I say putting my books and homework in my backpack.

"....Alexis," she said.

"How did you get my number?!" I yelled.

"Doesn't matter we need to talk," she said. "Meet me at the Oakville Park." then she hung up.

I sighed and got out of bed. Ha, you guys really thought I was going to the park didn't you? Instead, I took a shower and watched YouTube until I was told to go to sleep.

Sorry, it was a bit short but I got a nice surprise for you in the next chapter. Bye! :)

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