Catfish | Park Jihoon by Jihoonqt
Catfish | Park Jihoonby Rush
"Why do I love you, when I should hate you?" In which Jihoon pretends to be someone else to get a girl, but his plan backfires. #150 in fanfics 1/28/18 #253 in...
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Our Little Sister (Kpop X Reader) by galaxycat38
Our Little Sister (Kpop X Reader)by galaxycat38
Nobody thought this could ever happen. Not even this little lucky 14 or 15 year old girl(This is Korean age). What if this one little lucky girl, got a chance to becom...
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I'm a Cheerleader Book 1 ✔ by KawaiiArtsy
I'm a Cheerleader Book 1 ✔by Walker D.
"Shut up I know what your already going to say." I said rolling my eyes. He smirked and shook his head. "Well what was I going to say then?" Derric...
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instagram » s.w by drewcut
instagram » s.wby heidi
sammywilk followed you HIGHEST RANKING IN FANFICTION: #268 started: april 3rd 2017 completed: september 10th 2017 lowercase intended [FIRST BOOK IN INSTAGRAM SERIES]
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The Alpha's... What? by Maddie_4
The Alpha's... What?by ❉maddie❉
*READ: I have gotten a few comments saying my story is similar to The Alpha's Unknown Daughter. I have never personally read that story but I can assure you that it is c...
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Sweet Little bumblebee ( A bumble bee and Barricade Love triangle story) by Hime_chan10
Sweet Little bumblebee ( A Morinozuka Hime
What if Samuel Witwicky, isn't an only child but has a younger twin sister. Her name is Elizabeth Jane Witwicky, nickname Eli she is the female version of Sam. When the...
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Park Jihoon's Anti-fan 2 by natanazurah
Park Jihoon's Anti-fan 2by 范丞丞's Wife
[BOOK 3 IS OUT] You wanted this, this was never supposed to happen but, welcome back everyone to Park Jihoon's Anti-fan, Book 2! Old characters, new characters And anot...
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Numb ➼ Guanlin by luciscaelumncts
Numb ➼ Guanlinby KimK // HIATUS
"Ganteng sih, tapi jahat udah gitu mesum lagi." "Bukan gitu. dia suka, cuma caranya ngungkapin tuh beda." © alnoctis 2017 #112 (180226)
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Snob | park jihoon by HYUNJININE
Snob | park jihoonby Jilix
"Hoy Park Jihoon! Pansinin mo ko! " --------------------------------- Date started: june 7,2017 Date ended: November 3, 2017 --------------------------------- ...
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Produce 101 s2 Imagines {Requests Still Open}  by SollieTheCurly
Produce 101 s2 Imagines { Mrs. Arredondo
Let your imagination go as far as you want. Highest Rating: 99th in Fan fiction
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Hunter Academy - Book 1 by TinaJones279
Hunter Academy - Book 1by Tina Jones
Jessica Matthews is a young college student, about to start her final year at Mizzou. After a night out with her friends before senior year starts, they are assaulted on...
  • mature
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my perverted minghao (minghao smut) by QUEENIE_OLEFF
my perverted minghao (minghao smut)by QUEENIE OLEFF
(EDITING DONE) hoshi's 16 yr old sister jinyang who was missing and was fixed marriage with her brother's band mate minghao... who was her crush... what will happen a...
  • seventeen
  • chanyeol
  • minghao
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A possesion by palakrathod2000
A possesionby palakrathod2000
"Leave me alone" "Thats the 1 thing i cant do" he replied smiling he held me tightly against the wall . i hissed in pain " Are you hurting &qu...
  • happiness
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"Sleepover" ♡ Sammy by oneinfinity-
"Sleepover" ♡ Sammyby queen
In which a girl is obligated to babysit her childhood best friend's little sister. ~ UNDER EDITING ~ © copyright - oneinfinity- all rights reserved to me this book shal...
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Charismatic {Book 1} || Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry) by teenwolfdreamer99
Charismatic {Book 1} || Liam teenwolfdreamer99
Destiny and Liam. Two freshman with barley anything in common. At least, that's what they thought at first. Destiny didn't know that soon, they would find out that they...
  • sprayberry
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The 9th [Stray Kids Fanfiction] by pinklemonade_101
The 9th [Stray Kids Fanfiction]by •StanTalent•
Felix X Reader Everything was perfect in life, I had my friends, the perfect school, the perfect job. "We're moving" It just took two words to turn my whole l...
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I'm just a fan [parkjihoon] [produce 101] by pjhoontrash
I'm just a fan [parkjihoon] [ Winkeuboy
Story about a girl who is fed up with her fangirl life? 😭 When a guy you love the most, don't even know your true feelings and treat you like a fan and friend? Will jih...
  • samuel
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His [✅] by JoCharlyta
His [✅]by J
♥COMPLETED♥ [A 'Prophecy Trilogy' Prequel & Spin-Off] Sam, an ordinary human decides to have a night out on the town. But little does she know, the night holds more dang...
  • riddles
  • love
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La sirvienta {Samuel y tu} Edit by Guapisima22
La sirvienta {Samuel y tu} Editby EiEi de Luque
_____ es una chica que necesitaba un trabajo de lo que sea . ____ conseguio un trabajo como sirviente de el gran magnate de negocios Samuel de Luque
  • vegetta
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You Call it Romance (Samuel X Somi FF) #wattys2017 √ by seoulfeels
You Call it Romance (Samuel X Naoko
Been treated so wrong, long enough to finally embrace anger and seek revenge. Teaming up to get even was all they wanted. It was fun and all until someone falls for the...
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