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The Four of Us | Major Editing by AubreyParsons
The Four of Us | Major Editingby Aubrey Parsons
Highest ranking in Teen Fiction #78 • His hot breath touched the dip of my shoulder, and I found myself tilting my head away slightly to give his lips more access as the...
  • romance
  • badboy
  • justwriteit
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babysitting his sister by larissaluu
babysitting his sisterby ♡ larissa ♡
paisley is babysitting the bad boy's sister just for a summer job. while babysitting his little sister, will the bad boy start to have a crush on her? or look at her onl...
  • babysitter
  • summer
  • badboy
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Our Tainted Hearts(#1 Confused Cliche Love Series) by Liscine
Our Tainted Hearts(#1 Confused S.Liscine
Blake and Ray are two different people. Blake is the innocent good girl while Ray is the deadly quiet Bad Boy. The only ties they have together is their best friends who...
  • goodgirl
  • sister
  • gangleader
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Southern Belle by Springgirl101
Southern Belleby Springgirl101
Belle Wilkes is miserable living in her small town in the south. Unlike her family and friends, she actually wants to make something out of her self, and she isn't conte...
  • farm
  • elise
  • dinner
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Chapter 1 by AustinAmeezy
Chapter 1by Teina
"If they don't think that this will work, then we'll make it work. Just take my hand, and everything will be alright. Trust me." IM NOT THE BEST AT THESE THING...
  • mahone
  • badboy
  • love
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Mirror image (On hold) by Meglz_01
Mirror image (On hold)by Meg Lewiston
Twins Madi and Meg struggle with their "not so motherish" mother while trying to get through highschool with minimum trouble. They learn to deal with there str...
  • depression
  • breakups
  • moms
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The Inseparable Friends by teamfremione_peeta
The Inseparable Friendsby Bailey
Three best friends are starting eleventh grade. Their names are Brooklyn, Skylar, and Ryan. Brooklyn loves parties, boys, and breaking rules. She is what you would call...
  • fallingforyourbestfriend
  • parties
  • geek
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Only Time Will Tell by xXPoetxPlutoXx
Only Time Will Tellby Poet and Pluto
So this is an unpredictable story. Nymph is lonley and depressed and only throwing her life away as she sits at bar or in street corners getting wasted. That is until sh...
  • mastidon
  • storrie
  • college
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Chemistry Between Us by Levi_Ackerman2002
Koriko Saki and Chan Meesori fall in love when they meet at school and have the relationship of a lifetime.
  • teens
  • parties
  • secrets
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The Come Up by Mani_429
The Come Upby Mani_429
Janiyah Shanae Wesley is probably one of the only girls in Harlem, New York that doesn't care for attention. She really only talk to her sister, Jasmine Sanai Wesley, an...
  • teens
  • love
  • crazy
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Self Defense in Brooklyn by BrookMartial
Self Defense in Brooklynby Brooklyn Martial Arts
Celebrate child birthday parties Brooklyn in unique way with Amerikick martial arts. Get a Karate theme with to personal instructors for hosting the party. Amerikick Mar...
  • birthday
  • brooklyn
  • parties
The Year I Turned 18 by CeliaLaurens
The Year I Turned 18by Celia Laurens
"We need to run," I say. "We're in trouble." - "Wait, again?" Ella got used to the fact that her brother Cal gets a lot into trouble, but t...
  • hate
  • boys
  • fight
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Friday Night Life by Itztheparty
Friday Night Lifeby Tesah&Sara
Vera Thomson is a goody good girl. She has always done what she was told, and always what she was expected, but everything changes when a new teen club, Friday Night Lif...
  • club
  • parties
  • teen
Nice Guys Finish Last (Discontinued) by CoalSmudge
Nice Guys Finish Last ( Lana
“Sorry Nick, but I just don’t like you like that” Amber says, her eyes trained on the football quarterback as he walked down the hall. Everyone always falls for the bad...
  • finish
  • shopping
  • nice
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Somethings Must be Kept Secret by loveauddie
Somethings Must be Kept Secretby loveauddie
Meet Ava, always smiling and happy. She gets good grades. She is not a nerd, but not popular either, let's say she is in the middle. She is pretty and caring. Only she h...
  • pg-13
  • parties
  • secrets
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Living With a Greek God by _shinebright
Living With a Greek Godby shinebright
Chloe, a headstrong girl is finally presented the opportunity to move out and attend collage. She expects her new collage to be a place where you can learn in peace. How...
  • drama
  • heartbreak
  • parties
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Seniors by laurainsummer
Seniorsby L
“Here we are all of us again, doing the same fucking thing we’ve done for the past few weeks, but somehow each time there seems to be some sort of new drama, and you’d t...
  • relationships
  • journal
  • hookups
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Designer Evolution by SarahLawliet
Designer Evolutionby SarahLawliet
Genetic engineering has gone to the extremes and the world is split into three: the Körper the Nervadi and the sociala. Those coded for strength, those coded for intell...
  • traits
  • politics
  • genes
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