Chapter 34: The Visit

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No not the movie. But how was the movie? Well that's if you saw it. I didn't.... Also

Veronica's POV
Stupid girl! I can't believe she got in trouble. I walk up the stairs and knock on her bedroom door.

"Come in."she said.

"Alexis." I said pissed off.

Alexis' POV
My eyes widen. Why is she here? I smile as I flop down on the bed but she doesn't.

"Why are you suspended?!"she yelled.

I can't tell her....not the truth. She'll hate me....

"I'm sorry I got into a fight."yeah I'll bend the truth a little.

"I know, with Sammie."she snapped.

"Yeah."I said nervously.

"I heard you pushed him into a river."she said walking closer. "Why?"she asked.

"It was a mistake.... I wish I never did. I'm sorry.... I wish I could just take it back." I said looking down.

"Why did you do it?"she said with slanted eyes.

"Because." I said looking up.

I was jealous, I was stupid, I went crazy, I have problems, because.....

I like you

But it still isn't right. Sammie and Vincent deserve an apology. I will apologize to them on Monday.

I stared at Veronica for a while. I pulled her arm. Pulling her face down where her lips met mine. It took her a long time to respond. Her eyes widen and then her face got redder and redder. She pushed me off down onto the bed. Then she took a few steps back. Her eyes were watery.

She looked hurt, confused, and angry. "How could you?"she said weakly. "How could you not tell me...."her voice cracked as she looked up at me. She jumped on top of me and held my wrists to keep my hands down on the bed. "How can you be homo?!"she yelled angrily. "How can you like girls?!"she yelled making my heart crack a bit.

"Th-" I flipped us. Now I was on top of her. "This is how." I said and kissed her again but longer.

And this time she didn't stop me. When I pulled back she was just staring at me. She opened her mouth but then she closed it. Her eyes got watery.

"I hate you."she said as tears went down her face.

"I hate me too." I said and her eyes widen. I let her go and got off my bed. "Go." I said.

"But-" she started to say.

"Go!" I yelled and she scrambled up off the bed.

I watched her take her time. She finally started to walk past me but stopped. She glanced at me.

"How to like a girl?"

My eyes widen. And then I glares at her. "Why would you like to know?" I growled.

She shook her head and walked out my room. I heard her go down the stairs. Then I heard a door open then close. I slammed my door close and flopped onto my bed. My eyes were burning. I shut them closed tightly.

I can't worry about her right now. I have to worry about what to say to Sammie and Vincent. I know they probably won't accept my apology but it is worth a try. Now I feel like Mason and I are in the same boat except he's changing.

Short chapter my bad. Anyti who's any guesses on how Mason's changing? Will Veronica accaept Alexis' feelings? And will I be able to publish Blaise's story?

About that I'm actually working on the first chapter. And I also changed the title because that story will have a second book and I wanted the titles to match a bit. So the new and approved title that I shall keep (man I sounded like phone guy on that first part) and it's called How To Write a Love Story. See ya my little potatoes.

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