Chapter 66: Valentines Day Part 1

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I don't care if it's Valentines Day or not, Happy Happy Mother Flying Valentines Day. Lol I would so curse but a certain son of mine reads my stories so I can curse in my stories but not when I talk (sigh). Anyway this was suppose to be for Valentines Day obviously. But my phone was acting stupid and wouldn't let me do anything with I'm a Cheerleader. Anyway I would like to dedicate this song to my single potatoes who will find love one day. And then also to some people who have love, who I love, and also some are single but I love them and they will soon find love lol (Courtney) hahahaha. I'm sorry. Oh also some I would like to thank for all your support too. Anyway these are thee people Blue_Mist2000 Courtney202010 Cutedyva101 JacquesLawson KawaiiRawrNyan Ninty_Minty  pieceOFWORK4NoW Zauberer2016 okay lol some of the people I named should not read this chapter lol or this book at all. Haha but anyway uh yeah. Anyway to thee story.

...... Lol to be honest I don't know what to write hahahaha. Uhhh okay notw this shall be. Yup first ever time I have only wrote a note for this book and no chapter. Kidding I'll write.

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