Chapter 21: Is Sammie Okay?

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Vincent's POV
I'm crying as I wait in the waiting room. Sammie's mom is on her way. But what's wrong with Sammie? I panicked, he just passed out. I called an ambulance quickly and here I am. The doctor won't tell me anything cause I'm not family related. The nurse told me though that their taking tests on him. But I don't care about any of that. I just want to know if he's okay? I start pacing around. His mom comes in and rushes to the nurse. The nurse points to a seat next to the seat I was sitting in. She glares at the nurse and comes my way. She sits next to me.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

She looks up at me and smirks while wiping her face. "I should be asking you the same thing."she said.

"What do you mean?" I ask sitting down.

"When you called me it sound like you were crying and just a minute ago you were pacing."she said.

"I'm scared." I said looking down.

"I am too."she said as the doctor came to her.

"You can see him now."he said.

She looked at me and squeezed my leg. "I'll be back."she said and I nodded.

She followed the doctor into the room. I thought about what to do if I saw Sammie in a very sick state. What to say? Sammie's mom opened the door and stood their waving her hand for me to come here. I walk to her.

"I'll let you have some alone time while I figure out what's going on."she said smiling weakly as she let me in the room and left.

"Sammie!" I yelled and rushed over to him.

He looks fine. That's great! But is he really fine?

"Vincent why are you so loud?"he asked glaring at me. I hit him in the arm hard. "Ow!"he said.

"How dare you scare me like that?!" I yell. "I thought I thought I lost you!" I cried.

He stares at me shocked. "My fever went to high that's all."he said wiping my tears, looking concerned.

"Then how come the doctor's not saying that!?" I yell.

"He wants more money duh." Sammie said and his mom came in looking pissed.

"You almost give me a heart attack! And they say your fever just went very high!"she yells.

"Mom I already got yelled at no more."he groaned.

His mom and I glared at him. "I hate you." I say and his eyes widen.

"I'm sick and your gonna say that!"he yells.

"Now who's yelling?" I said and stuck my tongue out.

He glared at me. Then crossed his arms. "Well I'm fine now can I go home?"he asked his mom.

"Yes."his mom said smiling.

After all that I went home after making sure he was fine. I swear he scared me. I'm just glad he's okay and it was nothing serious.

And there won't be. Okay last chapter for today. Tomorrow will be a new day. Peace!

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