Chapter 64: This is Waaaaar!

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Don't start the music yet. Don't pay attention to the random periods because of this tablet.

Vincent's POV
Cadee found Reed. Sammie practically asked for his autograph. I was pissed.

"Thanks Mr. Reed." Sammie said smiling. "Ah!"he yelped and turned around and I whistled. "Did you just grab my ass?"he hissed with a flushed face.

I leaned close making his face heat up more. "And if I did?" I whispered.

He jumped back and fell. I laughed and so did Cadee and Reed.

"Okay so our plan." I said and Onyx rose his hand.

"Yes." I said and squat down to his height.

"We should be like ninjas. We have to be quiet and be more smart then them." Onyx said and I nodded.

"Yeah." I said and grinned.

All of us hid on the bottom floor. We we're by the stairs just in case we needed to escape upstairs.

"We gotta be quiet." Cadee said tip toeing in front of us leading the way.

Start the song.

So many blue and red behind me. "Sammie?" I said looking around. "Where the fuck is Sa-" I started to yell and Cadee and Reed covered my mouth.

Sammie's POV
I hung my head down in shame. I got caught by the yellow.

"Look up son." a yellow said.

Son?! Who the hell-

"Ah I see you captured him."a voice said and I looked up and saw Derrick smirking.

"Why don't you just shoit me now?" I asked slanting my eyes.

"Because I have another plan in mind that is way more fun then just shooting you. Ain't that right boys?"he asked grinning at the yellow.

"Fuck you Derrick and your yellow crew." I said spitting.

"One ew. Two fuck you too'"he said grinning at the last part.

"Captain we can't find the blue or red."a yellow said running up the stairs with some more yellow behind him.

"Ha ha ha." I said and Derrick looked at me annoyed but then grinned evily which made me grow quiet and get scared as he walked closer to me. "Wha-What do you want?" I asked as he squat down in front of me.

"Well well well little elf-" Derrick started to say.

"ELF?! Who the hell are you calling an elf?!" I snapped.

Vincent's POV
Everyone else was looking for the yellow while I was being watched by Cadee and Onyx. More like Onyx would make too much noise and had to stay with Cadee.

"I have to find Sammie." I whi.ed while Cadee shook his head.

"You can't. That is probably the yellow's plan." Cadee said while glancing at Onyx for a second.

"ELF?!"someone yelled.

I knew that voice way to well. I smiled and decided to sneak away while Cadee was distracted trying to gind where the voice came from. But a midget stopped me when I got to the stairs.

"Daddy's gonna be mad."he said with his arms crossed.

"Anddd?" I said rolling my eyes.

"I will scream if you don't go back to daddy."he said and I laughed.

"You'd get us both caught, you woul-" I started to say.

"Aaahh-"he started to scream but I covered his mouth.

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