Chapter 33: Mistletoe

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Sammie's POV
I told Ashely that I decided to help Santa so now I'm an elf. She told me to get really close to Santa so she could get extra gifts this year. I shook my head at her as Vincent's dad let us in the Santa area.

"Hey Sammie and Ashely." Vincent said smiling big.

I realized a little boy was with him. "Uh who's that?" I ask curiously.

"This is Blaise." Vincent said smiling brightly at the boy.

Is it weird to feel jealous of a little boy?

He was sitting on his lap. Vincent looked so happy.

"I'm sorry Blaise your mom must be angry and worried." Vincent said.

"Wait what did you do?" I said picking up Ashely and running towards him.

"I heard they were moving so I-"he began to say.

"You stole him?!" I yelled.

"No I asked his aunt to bring him. They did write their phone number and home number."he said chuckling. "Ain't that right Blaise?"he said bouncing him.

"Uh huh."he nodded. "Santa thank you."the little boy said.

"Your welcome." Vincent said as his smile got bigger.

I smiled and shook my head. "You really love children." I said.

"Santa?"the little boy said looking sad all of a sudden.

"What's wrong?" Vincent asked with concern.

"Am I different?"the little boy asked.

Different? Wait! Does that mean-

"Your not different." Vincent said shaking his head with a smile. "You are you. What you like, do, or who you like, and etc does not change you. You are human like everyone else." Vincent said smiling and I smiled as well.

"But mom yelled at me telling me I have to be what she wants."the little boy said.

Vincent frowned as Ashely pulled me, telling me she had to go use it.

"I'll be back." I said and Vincent nodded.

Vincent's POV
After Sammie left I heard the Blaise crying silently.

"It's okay." I said patting his head. I grabbed Sammie's box that had some candy canes left over from yesterday. I pulled a candy cane out. "Here." I said giving it to him.

"Thank you."he said sniffling.

Sammie walked in annoyed by Ashely. "Blaise why don't you talk to my little elf." I said and Sammie got even more annoyed.

I smirked as Blaise looked at him. Blaise flushed and looked away from him.

"What's wrong?" I asked as he got very close to my chest.

"He looks mad." Blaise said looking scared.

"Sammie your scaring him. Get your ugly face over here and smile." I said and Blaise and Ashely laughed. Sammie got aggravated.

He growled at me then glared at the kid. Then he exhaled. And smiled. "Hello Blaise."he said bending down.

"Your eyes are nice." Blaise said staring into them.

I chuckled as Sammie's face flushed. Then Sammie grinned. "That's the second time I've heard that." Sammie said still grinning.

Wait I was the first to say that?

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