Chapter 76: Past Comes Back To Life Part 4 Final

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Lol not end end. Not the actual final. Well anyway to thee story.

Sammie's POV
We're both sitting at the table staring at each other. I'm mostly glancing at mom and 'dad'. Mom is glaring at 'dad' and 'dad' is staring at her.

"Is anyone gonna talk? No well I will." I said and they both looked at me.

"Samuel go upstairs."mom said.

"Why?" I asked and I could tell she was about to snap.

But I didn't care. I didn't like all these secrets. I deserved to know the truth.

"Just listen to your mother." 'dad' said.

"You don't tell him what to do. I do. I'm his guardian."mom snapped at him.

"Megan you didn't tell me about me having a son." 'dad' said.

"I didn't need to."she said.

"I could take you to court."he said and mom's eyes, something flickered. "Just like good old times." 'dad' said with a grin.

What is he talking about? I looked at mom and she looked a bit pale. Frozen. But as soon as she was frozen the same when she completely snapped.

"Get out! Get out of my house! Stay away from my son! Don't ever come back! And if I see your face again I swear!"mom said with every word filled with hate.

'Dad' got up from the table and stared at her.

"You've changed. Your even crazier."he said and next thing I know things were being smashed.

"I'm crazy?! Your crazy! Get out my fucking house! Don't come back! You basterd!"she yelled.

I stared at mom then the vase and photo frames broken on the floor.

"Your scary." I didn't realize those were my own words until she looked at me quick and I was slapped.

"I told you go upstairs!"she yelled.

I glared at her then she froze. She looked at her hand she slapped me with. She looked at me then looked away.

"Go away."she said.

"What?" I said with my eyes wide.

"I said leave. Go away. Your just like him. Same eyes....just go away."she said with her eyes watery.

I stared at mom for a while before going outside and slamming the door behind me with a huff. Where she slapped me it stung. I don't know what's wrong with mom.... I looked over to see 'dad' starting his car.

"Hey!" I yelled and he looked my way. "Tomorrow, mall, meet me at ten in the morning." I said.

Vincent's POV
Sammie finally called me. Right when I was going to leave and go over his house. To tell me to meet him at the mall. That's it. So here I am getting a drink from Derrick's job waiting.

"Get up lazy bones." I said to Derrick who was falling asleep. He mumbled something. "I don't see why Lenny doesn't fire you." I say which wakes him up.

"Fuck you. Bob can't fire me because he needs me."he said finally making my drink.

"Sadly." Lenny sighed and I smirked while Derrick glared.

"You and Bob can suck it." Derrick said pushing my drink to me.

"Don't you want Jamie to do that." I said smirking and he flushed.

"You two are dirty." Derrick grumbled as Lenny smirked.

"I didn't say anything." Lenny said.

"Now ya did Bobby yo." Derrick said making Lenny glare.

"Quit calling me that." Lenny said glaring.

"Oh sorry you would want Vincent's dad to call you Len." Derrick said and quickly regretted it.

Something flickered in Lenny's eyes. He clenched his teeth together.

"Derrick you can leave early. And don't come back or tomorrow." Lenny said and Derrick's eyes widen.

"Bu-But Lenny-" Derrick started to say.

"Shut your trap and hand over your uniform. Your-Your fired." Lenny said looking down.

"But your place will get shut down without workers." I said.

Lenny didn't look up. Derrick glanced at him with guilt.

"I'm sorry Lenny. I didn't mean to-"he started to say.

"Don't worry about it. Your not fired....just....I'm gonna take a little break." Lenny said getting up and walked away.

"I fucked up." Derrick started to say as we went down the elevator.

"Yeah ya did."I said.

"He came back even more depressed."he said.

"Yep. Why are you with me again?" I asked.

"Vincent....I need seone to talk to. Do you think Sammie will mind I'm invading you two's date?"he asked.

"Probably." I said smirking and he sighed.

As soon as I saw Sammie I smiled. But I frowned when someone else was sitting at the table. I got off the elevator and walked closer to where Sammie was. He looked up at me.

"Oh guess you won't mind someone else is here too."he said and I glared while Derrick smirked.

I glanced at the guy- it was the police officer.

"What the hell is he doing here?!" I practically yell and Derrick covers my mouth.

"Why are you so loud?"he whispered.

"I don't k ow where your hands have been." I said taking his hand off my mouth and he glared.

"This is" Samiie said hesitating on the dad part.

"Whaaaaat?" Derrick and I said.

"Guilty." Sammie's dad said tipping his police officer hat up to look at me smirking. "You must be the boy he won't stop talking about."he said.

"Hi to you too." I said and Sammie grabbed my arm and I sat next to him while Derrick looked out of place.

"Uhhhh I'm going to go back and try to make Lenny feel better."he said running off.

"Lenny?" Sammie's dad said rubbing his chin. "Sounds familiar. Well anyway back to business."he said looking at me. "What do you want with my son?"he asked now looking serious.

"A serious relationship." I gulped. "And make him happy." I said and Sammie smiled.

"You better."he said then stood up. "Well that will be all. I have patrol to do around here. Samuel it was great to talk to ya, I hope one day you can call me father without hesitation."he said about to leave.

"I will, one day." Sammie said and his dad smiled a bit.

"Oh and tell your mom."he said as his voice went cold. "She hits you again she'll be in bug trouble."he said glaring before walking off.

"Hit you?" I asked looking at Sammie and I saw the red mark on his face.

"Don't worry about it. Okay?"he said.

"Fine." I said sighing.

"Now our date."he said grabbing my hand and entwining our fingers and I smiled.

Yay I think this is a nice way to end this. Byeeeee my potatoes.

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