Chapter 60: Pratice for March

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Vincent's POV

"Two months after January is the game." Coach said walking around us.

The cheerleaders for once we're sitting with the football players. He's acting like this is the last game.

"Aren't we having a game in May?" I ask with my hand raised.

"You raise your hand and wait. Then you get called." Coach said.

Fuck you.

"Sorry." I said rolling my eyes.

I rose my hand higher and he kept talking.

'I'm right here! Notice meeee! Don't pretend you can't see Coach! Damn you!' Is what I wanted to say as I moved everywhere to get noticed.

"And so do we have any questions?" Coach said smirking then he glanced at me. "Yes, You with messy hair."he said. I ran my fingers through my hair.

"One, my hair is fine. Two, fuck you." I said and they laughed and he grinned.

"I don't think those are questions." Coach said.

"You interrupted me before I could get to it." I said with slanted eyes.

"Well no more comments and get to it."he said.

"Don't we have a game in May?" I ask.

His eyes slanted. "The college students are having a game."he said face palming himself and shaking his head while people laugh.

"My bad." I said smirking and shrugged.

"March is our last game. By the way about that game in May, if you guys want to come it's twenty dollars. The ticket will tell you your seat, the date, the time, and where it will be."he said looking at me.

"Why you looking at me?" I asked and he rolled his eyes.

"So if you want to go, get me the money starting tomorrow before April ends or before tickets are sold out."he said.

"Now let's go since he's done with his speech girls." Coach Marge.

"EXCUSE ME?!" I yelled and the cheerleaders and football players laugh.

"Oh right, sorry Vincent."she said as I pouted.

"Vincent."a voice said and I turned around.

"I li-"he started to say but he tripped over a guy's leg.

"Huh?" I said confused.

"Vincent!" Coach Marge yelled.

"Sorry Sammie gotta go." I said helping him up.

Sammie's POV
"Bu-" I started to say but he was gone. I turned and glared at the guy who tripped me.

"Sorry I messed up your little gay confession."he said shrugging.

I just got two words for you. Fuck You.

I rolled my eyes at him. I don't have time for this. I glance over to the cheerleaders and see Vincent bend over. I look away quickly flushed.

"Samuel!" Coach yells.

"Ri-Right! Sorry sir!" I said putting on my helmet.

He stopped me with his clip board. "Everyone practice, Samuel and I need to have a chit chat!"he yelled and we went to the bleachers.

"Yes Coach?" I asked sitting down.

"You gotta try your best on the game."he said and I nodded. "No I mean it."he said.

"I know Coach I haven't been good." I said looking down.

"Samuel."he said sighing and sat down next to me. "Why do you want to play football so much anyway. It's dangerous."he said.

"Can be." I said.

"Why?"he said again.

"My dad use to. I don't know where he is....but I just want to feel connected in a way to him." I said looking down.

"Samuel...."he trailed off then sighed and stood up. "Then give it your all."he said. "Find a reason to make you really want to try hard."he said.

"Right." I said and stood up.

After gym
I saw Vincent changed in his normal clothes on the bleachers.

"What are you doing?" I say and he looks down at me, like usual.

He grins and my heart beat picks up the pace. "I thought you hated me." I said.

He frowned and jumped down, scaring me. "I was mad."he said.

"Well thank you for wai-" I started to say.

"Remember what I told you when you got on the list?"he asked.

"Huh?" I said and he hit me in the back of the head. "Ow. What the hell was that for?!" I yelled as he walked a head.

"For forgetting and being an idiot."he said.

"Rude." I said and he grinned.

"I see I've rubbed myself on you huh?"he said and my face heated up.

"No I didn't! And don't say it like that." I said and his own face heated up.

"Don't be a perv."he snapped with his face heated up. "Anyway we gotta wait for Derrick."he said.

"Oh, he's going on a date with Jamie." I said.

"Oh, well let's go."he said grabbing my arm and pulling me along.

I looked down at his arm. My heart heated faster. I could hear it. Oh my gosh I hope he can't hear it?

So how was it? It has been a while hasn't it? Well guys I'm not sure if I'm gonna do a time skip. How about I ask you guys my little potatoes? Time Skip or no Time Skip?

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