Contest 2 (Update)

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Another contest everybody!!! And it's for my very close friend sweaterbug who I call Cookie. No stealing their nickname XD. I thought of a huge idea to show her how much I appreciate her. And that was to make a contest which is called........ Drumroll please.......


XD might not sound the best to you but that is what the contest is about! You make a story or have a story pretty much with the story reaching the goal of doing something others didn't think the character could do or the character didn't think they could do. Does that make sense? Hopefully! But if not here are some examples....

• A kid that seems weak joins a sport team and somehow gets them to win their big game in the end

• A grownup tries to become the manager of their job but is very clumsy and is possibly just the assistant who gets the boss and others coffee

• A person is too shy to confront their bully or crush and in the end manages to do it

So stuff like that I guess that all might have seemed really clishè XD but clishè stuff is apart of life SO yeah. That's one of the things that must be included to enter the contest.

Another thing is that it can be a story you just created for this contest or already made. No it does not have to be completed. Yes it can be a short story but it must be at least 2,000 words or more. And you can only enter one book. Only 50 books can be entered into the contest!

Next is that we will need judges! At least ten! So you can either enter the contest or become a judge and if you want to do both you may! Also, I made the stickers for the winners and it was my first time doing so! I hope you all like the stickers cause if not XD I'll feel so bad but I will try to get or make a sticker you all will like.

Now, their will be 5 winners! Participants I believe I will still give you stickers if you want one! The contest will continue all the way through the rest of December to February 13th and judges will be reading books until the 20th! Winners I will probably email you your sticker! It might have to be cropped out from the background!

Just comment below that you want to be a judge and/or enter the contest! If you want to be a judge explain to me why do you want to be a judge and what you are willing to read then we will possibly message about what books you will be reading. If you're a fast reader that would be great! Those who want to enter the contest just go in the comments and say the name of your book and why you want to enter the contest.

How to add up points!

• 20 points for following the criteria for the whole Tough Cookie theme.

• 5 points for completed book.

• 5 points for being a new book.

• 10 points for good character development.

• 5 points for mentioning cookie(s) in the book. Not for each time mentioned only gets 5 points for this once.

• 10 points for good plot.

• 10 points for good descriptions so readers can visualize what's happening in their heads.

• 10 points for good hook at beginning of the story.

• 10 points for eye capturing title.

• 10 points for no huge plot holes. Books that aren't finished automatically get 10 points.

• 10 points for good Climax. If you have multiple climaxes that is fine as long as the big major one is good or the one you have for now is good. Just have a good climax!!! XD

• 5 points for eye capturing cover.

• 10 points for spelling. I'm not that amazing at it either but as long as most of your words look good then great!

• 5 points for good format of story. So that means how you space the story if you do. How dialogue is. All things like that.


• If you aren't serious as a judge or participant then please do not enter.
• I need to be able to contact judges and participants. Participants please answer your wattpad messages. Judges if you have twitter or insta that would be nice so I can make a group chat for the judges! (We will talk more once their are judges)
• BE FAIR do not bribe judges and be fair with rating books.


• First round will be when all books are read then scored.

• Second round is when the authors of the books that got 95 points or more will be read by all the judges depending on how many books got the points. If a lot of people did then the books will be broken up into a group of judges. Then ten books will be choosen unless their are ten or less books that got these points then that will determine the winners or if their will be a third round.

• Third round is when all the judges will have a conference about the ten books and all agree on five that will be the winners of the contest.


Starting: July 28, 2018
Ends: Either the 30th of August or when their are enough judges and at least 20/30 books entered. Then Judges will be reading the books and rating until they get down to five books.

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