Chapter 5: The Date

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Vincent's POV
The whole rest of the morning I would have the house alone. When I woke up I found a note on the refrigerator.

Hello Honey, your father is looking for a job again and I have work today. Also, I will have a meeting later so I won't be home till early in the morning. Your dad should be back later tonight. Be good love you.

I sighed and looked around the house. I just woke up so I still felt a bit limp. I yawned and stretched. I went back to my room and went back to sleep. Well, I tried, once I closed my eyes my phone started ringing. I groaned as I answered it.

"Hello," I say and yawn.

"Were you sleeping?" a voice asked.

"Yes, who's this?" I asked while willing my eyes.

"It's Sammi- Samuel," he said correcting himself quickly.

I smile sheepishly. "I see you like the nickname," I say.

"Whatever what are you doing today?" he asked.

"I have a date today remember?" I say rolling in the covers on my bed.

"Oh...yeah," he said sounding disappointed.

"Well, I won't see him till seven so you can come over I guess," I say as my eyes start closing.

"Really?! I mean well do your parents mind and you do have a date-" he starts to ramble but I cut him off.

"Just come," I say and hang up.

I yawn as I text and send my address. Next thing I know I'm asleep. I hear ding-donging then knocking. Then the knocking turned to banging. I hear my phone ringing. It all stops and I hear a knock at my window. This house has no stairs so I could climb out my window and step on to the ground. I groan and open the window. My vision is blurry.

"You tell me to come over and you sleep and forget!" a voice said.

I could sorta see a figure. I was way too sleepy for this. "Who are you and what do you want?" I ask sheepishly.

"Vincent let me in." the voice said. I get in the figure's face to see better and it jumps back. "Wha-What are you doing?" the voice asked.

My vision becomes a bit clearer. I see a red face and the figure is male. I squint my eyes.
"Oh, Sammie," I say now that I can see.

"Took you long enough," he said rolling his eyes then walking away I'm guessing to the door.

I walk to the door and unlock it. He comes in like it's his house. "Rude," I say as he walks past me. He stuck his tongue out, then turned away from me.

I still didn't shower or fix my hair and I realized I was still shirtless in boxers. I didn't notice until Sammie kept on staring at me flushed. I went and took a shower. I found a shirt and some sweats. I brushed my teeth I left my hair the way it was because I forgot. I went into the living room but he wasn't there.

"Your room is dirty," he said and I ran straight to my room.

I glared at him. "It's not that bad," I say flopping down on my bed next to him.

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