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Hey everyone! So last time I made a note it was about Dreame. And this one is about that but more. So some good news is that Coffee Stains and I'm a Cheerleader will stay on Wattpad! But Coffee Stains will also be on Dreame (I love the unicorn galloping when things are loading on the app, I just love the unicorn XD) and it will be edited eventually on there. Coffee Stains is still being edited but if you want to see it sooner (also will be different from the version on wattpad most likely) then read it on there, I'll let you all know when it's completely edited for Dreame and then Wattpad. So please if you don't mind check out Coffee Stains on Dreame to support me! It is free at the moment but if it does well I can possibly get paid monthly for my book.

Another thing is that I made a Patreon account! Just made it today so yes it might seem dry...haha but please do check it out! I appreciate all of you who gave me support and who continue to also! Just reading is giving me support. I have 3 or 4 tiers at the moment I believe. Also I plan to possibly start posting books (maybe new instead of ones that are on here on there but not sure yet) on Tapas eventually. But I want to finish Critical Thinking and possibly My Youth first before I start trying to do any new books or posting other books on platforms. Editing/Rewriting is a lot of work and takes time so that is why it will be a while.

Well thank you all for reading what I had to say and your support! Love you all ❤❤❤

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