Chapter 39: Thurday Madness

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Sammie's POV
Tomorrow is the game. So today we we're practicing really hard today. The cheerleaders were also working very hard. I shook my head. I couldn't focus on Vincent right now. I had to focus on practicing and the game tomorrow.

"Catch!" Coach yells.

I turn and catch the football but I skin my knee. It starts to bleed. I ignore the pain.

"Good job." Coach said patting me on the back.

I bit my lip. I tried to ignore the stinging pain. It would go away soon.

"Go around!"he yelled at us.

We started jogging around the field. "$hit." I grumbled as someone bumped into me.

"What's with you?" Mason asked coming by.

"Oh would you really like to know?" I said with a fake smile.

"No talking! Start running!" Coach yelled.

"Would love to but can't chat."he said and started running.

I tried to pick up the speed as well. After that we practiced some more. The cheerleaders were surprisingly still practicing when we we're done. When I got out the showers and was dressed I heard them outside. I walked out their and sat at the bleachers.

"Don't drop her Vincent!"Coach yells, startling him.

"Ye-Yes ma'am." Vincent said.

I shook my head and laughed. He turned and glared at me. I waved and he rolled his eyes while smiling. After a while of Vincent messing up they we're done.

"Good job." I said as he came up to the bleachers.

He glared at me as he was drinking from his water bottle. Then he stopped. "Why are you here?"he asked.

"You wait for me all the time. Now its my turn." I said standing up and jumping down next to him.

"Uh huh."he said. "So tomorrow's the game."he said before drinking the water again.

"Yeah, are you going to stay after you guy's cheer?" I ask.

"Yeah, Derrick and you are playing."he said as we started to walk. "I'll be back."he said then ran off.

When he came back he was in his regular clothes. We started walking to his house. We watched some TV in his room for a while. Then we played video games. And that's when it happened. He cheated so I got mad and we started wrestling. Then I threw a pillow at him. It went back and fourth until he started tickling me.

"Vincent!" I yell before laughing more. "St-Stop." I laugh, I could barely breathe.

I got rolled us to where I was on top. I was going to tickle him but instead our eyes met. And next thing I know I'm leaning and so is he.

"Hey boys!"his mom said busting into the room.

"Holy $hit!" I yell falling off the bed.

She gasped. "Language mister."she said as I rubbed my head.

"He's sorry mom." Vincent said with his face a bit flushed.

"Well I'm going to meet up with your dad. I just wanted to see you."she chirped.

"Okay, bye mom."he said as she smiled and closed the door and left.

We both sighed in relief. I glanced at him and he was looking at the paused game. My face heated up.

"I better get going." I said standing up.

My mom would be home soon. And she hates to be alone at home. Well at least that's what she says.

"Uh yeah okay."he said finally looking at me. "See you tomorrow."he said and I nodded before opening the door and closing it behind me.

(╥_╥) So close.

Lalalalalala I have no more school until January 4th lalalalalalala. Love you guys and Happy Holidays!

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