Chapter 15: Happy Fucking Halloween part 2

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Vincent's POV
Sammie came over in a spiderman costume.

"Don't ask," he said coming in.

I was dressed up as a cop."Well, as long as your not doing a crime you don't have to worry." I said smirking.

"And if I did a crime what exactly would you do?" he asked smirking.

"Well, it's our little secret," I said and winked and laughed as his face heated up.

"Let's go get some candy," he said changing the subject.

"Yeah," I said as he opened the door. "I'm gone!" I yell before closing the door.

I know you're probably thinking we're too old to go trick or treating but who would pass up free candy. And with Sammie being a bit short we have an advantage. I called Mason but he didn't answer so I left a voice message.

"Trick or treat," we say and the man gives us some candy.

After a while of trick or treating, we went to his house. We poured all the candy on the table.

"I hope you boys aren't planning on eating all that?" his mom said coming into the dining room.

"No mom." Sammie groans and I grin.

"Hey, Sammie do you like lollipops?" I ask while smirking.

"Yeah, you don't like them?" he asked as he opened one up.

"Yeah," I said smirking as he looked at the lollipop then me.

He glares at me. You're disgusting," he said wrapping the lollipop back up.

I laugh as I stand up. "Let's go to the party," I said.

"Do we have to? " he said standing up as well.

"The candy will be here when we get back," I said grinning.

"That's not what I mean, " he said rubbing the back of his neck.

"What's wrong?" I ask now worried.

He puts the mask on his face. "I'm gonna warn you now," he said.

"About what?" I said.

"Just hear me out," he said and I stayed quiet to listen. "If Mason does anything to hurt you I won't be so nice... " he said walking past me. "This time," he said and opened the door.

This time? What is Sammie talking about? I shrugged it off and followed him outside. And guess who was taking us to the party? Alexis, she was gonna drop us off then go to some other party herself. And the devil was with her.

"Hello Veronica, it sounds like venom," I say and she glares at me.

Then she looks at Sammie and smiles. "Happy Halloween Samm,e, "she said smiling.

"Hide Sammie on Halloween demons and the devil have power, " I say.

Sammie cracks a grin and Veronica doesn't look too amused. Alexis had to cough to hold back her laugh.

"What is this, barbie girl with the devil?" I say and they laugh except Veronica.

When we get dropped off I hear loud music. I knocked on the door and a guy answered.

He was wearing a devil costume. Oh look I found Veronica's soul mate.

"Um is Mason anywhere?" I ask.

"Yeah," he said smirking and looking me up and down. "You're cute," he said. Sammie growled and I laughed. "Anyway are you guys his friends?" he asked.

"I'm nowhere near that," Sammie said.

"I'm his boyfriend," I said smiling and the guy's smirk dropped. "Uhhh come here," he said pulling me in and slamming the door in Sammie's face.

"Hey let go!" I said trying to get my arm out of his grasp.

He drags me into what looks like the living room. Then he lets me go.

"What was tha-" I began to say but my eyes widen and my jaw dropped.

Mason was making out with another guy. And he was enjoying it. Everyone eventually turned around. And they pulled apart to see what was going on. Mason froze and the guy next to him looked at him then me.

"Oh $hit," he said.

I smiled and walked up to Mason.

"Listen, Vincent, I can explain," he said.

I grabbed a beer off the table it was half empty. "You were drunk weren't you?" I asked. He nodded and it only made me more pissed. "It's not your fault..." I said walking closer to him. "Your just a fucking dumb ass!" I yelled and poured the beer over his head.

People cheered and it made my blood boil. "Vincent, I'm sorry," he said.

"Vincent!" a voice said.

I looked to my left. It seems like the guy who pulled me in here decided to get my friend. I felt my eyes water. I saw something snap in Sammie. He glared at Mason. He picked up a bat and walked towards them.

"Sammie don't," I said.

He looked at me and then held the bat up. "Happy Fucking Halloween! "he yelled and slammed the bat against the glass table. People cheered and some screamed.

"Vincent?" Mason said weakly.

"And you!" Sammie said pointing the bat towards him. You're a fucking a-hole! I hate you! And myself..." he said then turned to me.

"I wanted you to be happy. And he's done this before." Sammie said looking down. "If you hate me that's okay. I should have told you," he said.

"Sammie let's go," I said.

He looked up at me shocked. Then he nodded and grabbed my hand. As we walked out the house I heard Mason call my name over and over again. His voice became faint.

"I know this is harsh...but can I fucking kill him?" Sammie asked.

"Karma might just do that for you," I said smiling weakly.

"And I can laugh while it happens," he said grinning.

He called Alexis and she came as quickly as she could. I guess she knew too because she didn't say anything. I didn't want to go home. I didn't want my parents to see me like this. I decided to spend the night at Sammie's house.

"You can take the bed," he said taking his shirt off.

"We could share," I say sniffling.

He looks at me with saddened eyes. "Okay," he said.

He held my hand as we tried to go to sleep. "Good night," he said closing his eyes.

"Good night," I said closing my eyes as well.

I woke up a few times. I had nightmares. Them making out just kept on repeating. But my last nightmare was about Sammie. He got hurt at the next football game. I woke up and breathed heavily.

So Happy Halloween....but then again it wasn't so happy, was it? So how many of you believe Mason should get his $hit together? And then who feels like helping Sammie murdering him? And lastly, poor Vincent who wants to give him a hug?

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