November News

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So I have wrote some new stories and I got some news!
• NaNoWriMo Story: Bee Sting
Only one chapter on here for a sample but more chapters will be posted eventually!

•Tapas Story: Anger Guidance
One chapter is on there so far but I'm working on the second one now! They are a bit short and this story is for fun. I hope you all read anyway, I think you guys might find it enjoyable! Check out the comic Anger Guidance via @tapas_app

I still have three other ongoing stories I need to work on. Anger Guidance I hope to be able to update weekly. So every week if I can. Then the Monday coming up My Youth will be updated. The Monday after Critical Thinking will be updated. Then the Monday after that Bipolar Sunshine will be updated. Repeat.

Bee Sting is just one of the many projects I'll be writing on my own but you all will be able to read it soon! This is also my first book certain themes such as GXG and GXB that I want to be actually published. Have a physical book of it would be amazing!

I'm working very hard but soon I will probably not update as much to prepare do the ACT (some of you take the SAT here in the USA), not sure about other countries. I'm going to do the ACT on February 9th 2018. So I will probably be updating less during January. Maybe even December. So maybe that month I won't update or I'll have a friend post my chapters for me if I have time to write.

That is all! I will probably post this on my board and at the end of chapters of my book. Thank you all for your support! ❤❤❤😊😊

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