Chapter 57: New Years Eve Kisses

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Sammie's POV
Jamie and Vincent are very dramatic. Vincent said that he wants to spend with all of us today on New Years eve. And Jamie told me all about his lovely kiss with Derrick. Honestly I'm happy for him but Derrick is confused. He has been spacing off after that. And then Derrick started avoiding Jamie. So now Jamie believes Derrick hates him. So I guess Vincent's idea was good. So now we're at a cafe waiting for Jamie. But Derrick doesn't know that.

"Derrick's spacing off again." Vincent whispered to me.

"I think he might like Jamie but won't admit it." I whispered to him.

"Proba-" Vincent started to say.

"I'm right here ya know." Derrick said glaring up at us.

"Oh we're sorry, how was your trip to mars?" I ask and Vincent laughs. Derrick rolled his eyes.

"Poor Jamie." Vincent said shaking his head.

"Yeah poor Jamie." I said shaking my head with him.

"He was so brave and direct with his feelings." Vincent said.

"Yeah he's better than me." I mumbled.

"Huh?" Vincent asked.

"Nothing." I said laughing nervously.

Damn it. It's not nothing. Uggghhhhhh.

"And then the guy he likes started avoiding him." Vincent said tsking.

"Yeah so evil. Just imagine how worried he is." I said smirking.

"Imagine how hurt he is." Vincent said smirking.

"Imagine-"we both started to say.

"Shut up! Okay I get it! Gosh!" Derrick yelled and we both smiled innocently.

"We don't know what your talking about." I said smirking.

"Yeah, we're just having a normal conversation." Vincent said smirking.

"I get it, okay. I'll talk to him when I see him." Derrick said and we heard the door open and the bell ring.

We all looked up and Derrick's eyes went wide. Vincent and I smirked.

"Looks like the perfect time to talk." Vincent said smirking while I waved Jamie over.

"You guys are cruel." Derrick mumbled.

Jamie looked at us then waved and looked down when he saw Derrick.

"Okay sit by me." Derrick said pulling me over.

"What?" I said and Vincent pulled me.

"He's sitting next to me. Sit by Jamie and talk." Vincent hissed.

"Hey both of you let go." I said pulling my arms away as Jamie came by.

"Take a seat." Vincent said smiling as he gestered where Derrick was.

Derrick scooted over to make room for Jamie. Jamie sat down and then fidgeted. A waitress came and asked for our orders and then when she left it was silent again.

"Sooo." I said.

"Sooo." Vincent said.

Us two we're the only one trying to talk. Vincent and I looked at them then we sighed.

"I heard that Derrick is confused." Vincent said grinning and Jamie looked up.

"Yeah, I heard when people are confused it's the perfect time to experiment." I said grinning.

"Oh really?" Vincent asked smiling. "Are you confused about anything?"he asked.

"Huh?" I said.

"That's a yes, experiment time."he said.

"Wait what Vincent." I said and then the waitress came with our drinks.

'Derrick talk to Jamie.' Vincent and I mouthed.

He sighed. "Jamie-"he started to say.

"Derrick." Jamie said and they both looked at each other and then looked down.

Really?! "Just say what you guys wanted to say?!" I said throwing my hands in the air.

"I hear a hypocrite." Derrick said laughing and my face heated up.

"Yeah, you can't say anything." Jamie said laughing.

"What are they talking about?" Vincent asked.

I wanted to face palm myself. They didn't have to say it in front of Vincent.

"Uhhh I don't know." I said shrugging.

"Why does everyone know something but I don't." Vincent said crossing his arms.

"Looks like we're all hopeless huh?" Derrick said drinking his drink.

"Derrick if you don't like me its okay." Jamie said looking down then getting up.

"No, don't leave. Jamie I..... I do like you!" Derrick said grabbing his arm.

Jamie's eyes widen and he smiled big. "You do?"he asked sitting down and Derrick fidgeted.

"Uh yeah."he said looking down with his face flushed. "I'm sorry I avoided you."he said.

Vincent and I hi-fived and smiled at each other.

"Derrick." Jamie said and Derrick looked up and Jamie kissed him.

Vincent and my face grew darker. And so did Derrick's. "Wha-What did you do that for?" Derrick said.

"But you said you liked me." Jamie said frowning.

Derrick looked down then he looked back at Jamie. And then he kissed him and Jamie kissed back.

"Uhhhh." Vincent and I said.

"Oh sorry." Jamie said flushing.

"I guess you two are together now." Vincent said drinking his drink.

"Yeah." Derrick said and Jamie smiled. "Now you two." Derrick said smirking.

Vincent spit some of his drink and started coughing and my face heated up.

"What?!"we both said with our faces red.

"Their both hopeless we might as let them find put theirselves." Jamie whispered while smirking.

"Shu-Shut up." I said stuttered flustered. Vincent was looking down. "Vincent?" I said with my face still lightly flushed.

"Can I try something?"he asked.

"Try someth-" I started to say but he kissed me and my eyes widen.

XD hahaha it's been a while but I'm happy to be writing for this story again. I missed it very much. Byeee my little potatoes.

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