Chapter 26: This is all your Fault

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Vincent's POV
As I tried to walk my shirt got caught on something. I pulled it and then I realized it was stuck in the door of my locker. The boys laughed or whispered as they walked past me. Derrick came by and shook his and was about to walk away.

"Wait! Your not gonna help me?" I ask tugging my shirt again.

"Remember you said when we met no matter how close we we're you would never tell me your combination."he said and started walking away.

"I can tell you now!" I yell as he leave laughing.

I'm all alone. Great. But then Sammie came out a stall. He looked at me and walked over smirking.

"I see your stuck."he said.

"Nah Sherlock." I said rolling my eyes.

"And to think I was going to help you."he said turning away.

"Wait. I'm sorry." I said and he turned to look at me smirking.

"Okay but you owe me."he said coming over to my locker door.

"Yeah okay." I said quickly.

"What is it?"he asked with the lock in his hand.

"11,7,35." I say and he unlocks it and I pull my shirt out.

"Yay! Thank you." I say happily.

"Uh huh."he said smiling as he stood up.

We walked out the boys locker room down the stairs into the hall to the gymnasium.

"Hey you said I owed you something, what is it?" I ask as we walk to the doors of the gymnasium.

"You'll see."he said and opened the door for us.

I was confused but shrugged it off. We got in a line with the other gym class.

"Today well be jogging around the school." Coach Kal said and all of us groaned.

"It's that or fifty push ups." Coach Kal said.

"That depends how many times we go around the school." Sammie said.

"Oh really?" Coach said then he glanced at me then Sammie. "Oh yeah you were sick last time Sammie."he said grinning then glancing at me briefly. "Someone decided to not stay for practice to see you, ya know?"he said grinning more.

"Who was that?" Sammie said looking confused.

And I literally did a face palm. "Vincent." Coach said smirking.

Sammie came to realization. "Vincent you left practice?" Sammie said staring at me surprised.

"Well you were sick and I was just checking on you." I said looking away.

Coach grinned again. Then Sammie slanted his eyes. "You came to annoy me. You ate candy and gave me a bag of oranges." Sammie said and everyone started laughing.

"I brought you something at least." I snapped.

"You also kept on pressing the door bell and banging the door." Sammie said.

"To get you to answer the door." I snapped.

"You could of called and told me you were coming. But no you show up and then climb the tree to my window." Sammie said and Coach shook his head.

"Oh yeah I forgot to call." I say and Sammie laughs.

"Well you two are interesting."boys started to say.

"You guys fight like a married couple."one said making Sammie's and my face burn. Coach laughs and pats my back.

"Can we go jog now."a voice said and it belonged to Mason.

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