Chapter 45: Last Time Being Santa

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XD these titles for chapters are getting sad. Lol the good titles I do have is for other parts in this story. Eh I'll figure out some goods ones eventually. Anyway to thee story.

Sammie's POV
When I was chatting with Vincent's dad, I realized he was pissed. He was growling.

"What is really his problem." I said turning to see him better.

His dad laughed. "Your both so dumb it's getting annoying. But mostly my son is the annoying one."he said sighing.

"Huh?" I said.

"Nothing. Figure it out yourself. So have anything planned on Christmas?"he asked.

"Oh I'm probably going to be with my mom, her sister, and her sister's daughter." I said.

"Well is that all you have in your family?"he asked.

"They only come on Thanksgiving. They'll just send my gifts in the mail." I said.

"How about you guys come to our house to spend Christmas."he said smiling big.

"But won't we be intruding. Your family will be over there I assume." I said.

"Sammie your like part of the family."he said grinning. I smiled as well. "Derrick's family only comes for Thanksgiving too, so him and his parents will be celebrating Christmas with us as well."he said and I nodded.

"I'll talk to my mom about it when I see her." I said and I was about to walk over to Vincent.

"What about Christmas Eve?"he asked.

"Uhhhh." I said. "I have something planned." I said smiling nervously.

"For Vincent?"he asked and I flushed a bit. I nodded. "Great! Maybe he'll be all yours!"he said grinning.

Vincent looked over. I shushed his dad. "Your too loud." I said panicking.

"Well I have to go."he said rolling his eyes. Then he walked over to the door. "And son!"he said.

"Yeah?" Vincent said.

"Don't be an ass to the parents and kids."he said leaving.

"I won't!"he yelled.

I glanced at him. "Why are you so angry?" I asked and he glared at me.

"I don't really know myself."he said walking away and flopping down in the seat.

That makes no damn sense.

"That makes no sense." I said and he sighed.

"Who's the guy you like anyway?"he asked going through his hair frustratedly.

"Ehhhh?!" I said with my face completely red. "Why are you suddenly asking?" I ask with my face still red.

"I just want to know. It's not fair Derrick and Mason probably know. And dad definitely knows."he mumbles.

"Don't worry about it." I said and he glanced up at me. "If it's stressing you out don't worry about it." I said giving him a weak smile.

"Did I worry you?"he asked pouting.

I rolled my eyes. At least he's not mad.

"You worry everyone."I said.

"Rude!"he cried.

"Uh huh." I said and went over to the doors to open them.

This is the last day of this job. All parents come walking slowly and kids come running in. Vincent started smiling again instantly. He must really love kids. I wish I could easily change how he feels like that.

I sighed and smiled. Then as I was about to close the door a little boy slipped in. "Hey-You!" I said pointing.

"Blaise!" Vincent said with his face lit up. I glared at both of them. Vincent and Blaise ran to each other. "I thought you moved."he said picking Blaise up.

"I did, but I'm still around here." Blaise said smiling.

"Blaise!"a voice said. "And daddy's back too."he chirped.

I opened the door and a man came in. "Blaise I have to take you home now."he said and Blaise pouted.

"Will I see you again Santa?" Blaise asked turning to Vincent.

"I don't know maybe. But you might not recognize me." Vincent said putting him down.

"I will somehow." Blaise said smiling then he ran to me. "How about you? Will I see you again?"he asked hugging my legs.

"Maybe." I shrugged.

"When I see Santa I'll probably see you too."he said smiling big then he ran to his dad.

His dad picked him up while shaking his head. "Thank you."he said to Vincent and I.

"Your welcome."we say as Blaise waves goodbye.

"Do you not like Blaise?" Vincent asked as we we're leaving the mall.

"Yeah, he's a good kid." I said smiling.

I just don't like how close you two are. Even if he is small. If we all meet again, he might fall for Vincent. I shook my head getting rid of that thought.

"Well see ya." Vincent said grinning.

"Wait, we're not walking together?" I ask.

"Uh no, I have to go do something."he said nervously.

"Oh have to do something too." I said remembering the contest.

"Sure you do."he said rolling his eyes.

He walks away and I turn back to go back to the mall.

Hello, it's me
I've been wondering what you little potatoes are doing
Cause curious of these things

Lol XD that was something I just made up. Anyway my neck is killing me. I think slept wrong. I don't know. But it hurts but I love you guys and writing so much I'm still gonna write. Byeee

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