Chapter 77: Ya Better Wear Green

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Sooo who got pitched on St.Patrick's day? I did! I forgot when it was. And guess what I found out the day I was wearing my only shirt with green which was the day before the holiday. So I was screwed XD. And I was only pinched once (sighs in relief) And I slapped my friend with some green rubber string stuff for pinching me hahaha. Anyway to the story.

Sammie's POV
I flinch as I walk into the school. Why? Because Vincent just pinched me. I yelped the first time. But now I'm use to his pinching. He has green eyes so it's not fair. He doesn't have to wear green. But of course he did anyway.

"I told you to wear green."he said this time grabbing my ass making me yelp and blush.

"Vin-Vincent stop." I said hitting him.

"Heeeey." Derrick said grinning.

Looks like Vincent found his next victim. He smirked and slid over to Derrick and instead of hi-fiving him he pinched him. Derrick yelped and gave Vincent a dirty look.

Oh did I forget to say Vincent's birthday is tomorrow. Yep, he's turning sixteen. And I won't be until July. Jamie is two years older then us.

"Your lucky I didn't fucking sucker punch you." Derrick growled while Vincent smiled.

"You wouldn't because I would tell your sweet Jaaaamie."he said making Derrick blush.

I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Leave him alone." I said tugging at Vincent's green four leaf clovered long sleeved shirt.

"Fine."he pouted.

I knew he was probably looking for his next victim to pinch. He was really enjoying himself. I shook my head as I heard a yelp where Vincent ran off to.

"Your boyfriend's a basterd." Derrick said smiling.

"Your best friend might be a basterd but he has a good heart too." I said and Derrick smiled more.

"That he does that he does."he said.

Vincent's POV
Fuck lost Sammie. My poor little Sammie. Lost in a crowd of people. I looked down.

"Where are you Sammie?" I said to myself as I looked lower and then I smacked right into someone's chest. I looked up and light brown eyes met mine. "Mason." I said looking at him.

He was wearing green. Ahhhh lucky basterd. He's lucky I can't pinch him.

"Sorry." I said but he didn't say anything he just sorta stared which made me shiver.

"Your over there."he said pointing to the left.

I smiled and was about to run towards Sammie. But I stopped.

"Hey!" I said making Mason stop and turn around.

"You'll find someone. I forgive you. Everyone can be a dumbass." I said and he blinked. "Everybody makes mistakes. Were all human. Get over me and find someone else. I know you can." I said and turned my back and walked away and went to Sammie.

"Why were you yelling?" Sammie asked chewing some gum and I wrapped my arms around his waist making him blush.

"Reasons. Don't worry about it." I said and he sunk in.

"I love you."he said and before I could say a word a ball was thrown in the middle of us hitting the wall.

We both turned to look. A kid that might of been shorter than Sammie came walking looking pissed.

"Tyler Adams!" We heard the Coach's booming voice.

The boy looked our way. "Where'd the ball go?"he asked.

"Uh I think it bounced off the wall." I said and he rolled his eyes and walked past us.

"Looks like someone is having bad luck since he isn't wearing green." I said smirking and Sammie rolled his eyes.

Sammie's POV
After a long day at school I was hanging out with my dad until the dance. Yeah there's a St.Patrick's dance at school tonight. Your not allowed if your not wearing green.

"So where at the mall why again?"dad asked me.

I rolled my eyes and sighed as we walked through the place. "So I can find some green to wear." I say and he rolls his eyes.

"Why? St.Patrick's day is almost over. No point now."he said.

"Dad I told you I was going to a dance." I said and noticed he was looking at something else.

I turned to look and he was looking at these teens that looked a bit suspicious.

"I'll be back Sam. You go pick out whatever you want."he said handing me fifty bucks and walking over to the teens.

I shook my head and head inside a store. I found a green sweater for twenty dollars and some green tennis shoes for fifteen. Hey cheap is better. I'm only wearing them once anyway. I call dad to find out where he is when I see Mason and I go straight to voicemail.

"Mason?" I say walking up to him.

He looks at me with an eyebrow up. "Hey?"he said more as a question then a greeting.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Just minding my business."he said rolling his eyes and I glared.

"Have you seen a runt besides yourself?"he asked and I tilt my head to the side.

"Never mind."he said walking away.

Okaaaaay then. Oh there's dad.

"Hey dad!" I said making him turn away from a cake place.

Looks like he was eyeing some cheese cake.

"Sorry, fighting crime makes me hungry."he said grinning.

"Yeah yeah." I said shaking my head smiling and gave him his change and the rest of the money.

"I'll drop you off school once I get something."he said turning back to the cakes now eyeing a strawberry cheese cake.

"Quit undressing the thing and buy it." I said smirking and he rolled his eyes smiling.

"I'll buy it when I make sure I really want it."he said and I sighed knowing dad was going to take forever.

Awwww father and son moment. Well annnyyyway peace out my lovely potatoes.

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