Chapter 35: Serious Moments Ruined

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Sammie's POV
I walk to school looking like a zombie. I yawn as I hit a pole.

"Hi Samm- hahahahahaha!" Vincent laughed.

I walked back and rubbed my head. I looked at him and he screamed.

"Oh my gosh Sammie!"he yelled.

"Do I have a black eye?" I ask touching my both eyes to check.

"She's back."he whispered.

"Who's back?" I said turning around and my eyes widen.


She stared at me and gave me a weak smile. I looked away and glanced at Vincent. He looked pissed.

"Let's go Sammie."he said grabbing my arm and pulling me away into the school.

As we walk through the hall Veronica grabs Vincent. And pulls him into a corner and I come along since he has my arm.

"What I don't need to deal with two bitches today." Vincent mumbled as he let go of my arm.

Veronica glanced at me then Vincent. Then she sighed. "Have you seen Alexis?"she said looking down a but flushed.

Woah. What happened between them.

Vincent looked her up and down. "Why?"he said with amusement on his face.

"I..." Veronica touched her lips and Vincent smirked. He grabbed Veronica's arm. "Hey what are you-"she started to say.

"Sammie I'll be back."he said and he walked into the hall.

He pushed Veronica. I peeked and Alexis caught her. Then Alexis let go of her. But Veronica balanced herself.

"Alexis can we talk." Veronica said and everyone was staring at them now.

"No I have something more important to do." Alexis said and looked at Vincent. "Vincent I'm-" she began to say.

"Listen to the damn bitch! She's the reason you pushed Sammie into the river so listen to her! And don't apologize to me! Apologize to Sammie! And it's his choose if he wants to forgive you. But first you must forgive yourself before anyone can forgive you and before you can be happy." Vincent said.

That was one heck of a speech.

"Go." Alexis nodded at Veronica.

"Alexis I understand your feelings.... Show me." Veronica said looking down.

"Show you what?" Alexis snapped.

"Show me how to be gay."she said.

"Lesbian."Alexis said rolling her eyes.

"Well." Veronica gulped.

"Fine." Alexis said then turned to Vincent. "Where's Sammie?" Alexis asked.

"What is it?" I ask coming out into the hall.

"I'm really sorry. I know you probably won't forgive me but I just want you to know I'm sorry." Alexis said and I sighed.

"Do you mean it?" I ask with slanted eyes.

"Yes."she said nodding while looking down.

"Give me time to forgive." I said and she nodded and walked away. And little Veronica followed.

"Wow what did I just walk into?" Derrick said walking towards us.

"You always ruin serious moments." Vincent said and I agreed.

"Sorry." Derrick shrugged with a grin on his face.

Sorry lol it's short but I promise to probably continue this day tomorrow or I will make a different chapter. Bye bye.

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