Chapter 78: Wanna Get Lucky?

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Vincent's POV
I looked pretty good if I do say so myself. Derrick snuck Jamie in haha. Jamie and I are wearing the most green here.

"Where's your dear Sammie?" Jamie asked as he got some green punch.

"I don't know." I said turning on my phone to check the time.

Let's be honest. With phones we can't tell time no more on a clock.

"Sorry I'm a bit late." Sammie said rushing in.

Hahaha he looked cute. I kissed his lips making him blush.

"That's fine. You look amazing as always." I said and he blushed more and looked down.

"Ew get a room." Derrick said and Jamie whispered something in his room that made his face red.

"Hahaha." I laughed and Derrick glared.

"NOW LET'S PARTY!" I yelled and the music pumped up and I looked over at Sammie. "Coooome on babe." I said making him blush even more.

"Fine. But don't embarrass yourself too much."he said taking my hand.

"I'm a fool for you." I said winking. (Start thee music)

We got onto the dance floor and I started to sing the song while dancing with Sammie. He smiled as I spun him. Who cares what others think? I love him. That's all that matters. And that he loves me back. My heart was beating fast and I smiled.

Sammie's POV
I was a bit tired from dancing. I took a break and laid back against the wall. Jamie and Vincent we're dancing while Derrick went to the bathroom. I looked over to my right and Mason was leaning back on the wall too. I followed his gaze and it was on Vincent.

"Hey!"that Tyler boy yelled getting Mason's attention. "Take me home. Your no fun. I don't see why you even asked we to be your buddy. Your not doing anything but staring at some boy!"the boy snapped.

"Get your panties out a bunch. I'll take you home in a sec." Mason said sighing.

"Fuck you."the boy said. "I'm sorry about your sad love life but I'm gonna walk home then."the boy said leaving out the gymnasium doors.

Mason sighed and rubbed his face with his hands.

"Hey." I said and he looked my way.

"You, again?"he sounded annoyed.

"You should go after that...boy. I think he's new and a freshman." I said.

"Not my problem." Mason said shrugging.

"I think he does care about you and he's just mad." I said sipping on my drink.

He slanted his eyes at me. "Deal with your boyfriend and I'll deal with my life."he said.
"You work my corners and I'll work mine."he said getting off the wall then his phone started to ring. "Hel-"he started to say.

"GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE AND DRIVE ME HOME!"the person on the other line said and then hung up.

Mason looked annoyed and sighed. He shoved his phone in his pocket then walked out the gymnasium.

"Well that was interesting." Derrick said making me jump.

"Dude don't do that!" I yelled and he grinned.

"Sorry Sammie. I think me and Jamie are gonna go soon."he said.

"Ah. Well I want to go soon as well. I'll wait till Vincent's done having fun." I said smiling.

Vincent's POV
You guys have no idea how excited I am...TONIGHT. We're all at my house. Mom's out working and dad is just enjoying himself by being a stalker and watching us on the couch.

"Sooo who wants to get lucky?" I ask smirking.

Jamie rolls his eyes and laughs. Sammie blushes and Derrick smirks.

"I wanna get lucky."he said glancing at Jamie.

And for the first time Jamie blushed. He glared at Derrick then grumbled something under his breath.

"Y'all are terrible."dad said and Derrick and I laughed.

"So how's Lenny?" Jamie asked quietly as he put down a card.

"What about Derrick's boss?" Sammie asked putting a card down.

I glanced at Derrick who was now staring off to space.

"I think.....I really hurt him." Derrick said putting a card down. "I was being stupid."he said.

"What did you do?" Sammie the only one who didn't know what happened.

Me myself was a bit confused myself. All I know is that Lenny use to have a thing for my dad. Ew dad's love life.

"Let's change the topic to something less depressing and disturbing." I said putting a card down and Sammie rolled his eyes.

After that loooong game.

"I win!" Derrick yelled.

"Shut your trap!"dad yelled. "I'm trying to sleep if you kids don't mind."he said.

"Sorry Mr.Carter." Derrick said and we laughed.

"Okay out the house before you make dad come here all crabby." I said.

"Yeah yeah. Let's go babe." Derrick said pulling Jamie along out the door.

Sammie started to get up himself. I grabbed his arm and he looked at me confused.

"Where ya goin?" I ask.

"Home."he said.

"You can stay and spend the night." I said.

"Got laundry to do at home."he said.

"Sammie one night won't hurt... Too much." I said smirking.

He looked at me confused then his eyes widen. And he shook his head.

"No."he said and I frowned.

"No what?" I asked.

"You know what."he said.

"But don't you want to get lucky tonight?" I asked smirking.

"Nope."he said trying to pull out of my grip.

"Please." I said and he bit his bottom lip.


I pushed him down on my bed and kissed him deeply. He pulled onto my shirt kissing back. I smirked and took my shirt off. He blushed and then I took his off. I licked his bottom lip and he let my tongue in. We finally pulled back after a while.

"Vin...cent...."he panted.

"Do you wanna stop?" I ask.

"No."he replyed quickly and kissed me again.

And next thing you know.....

"Ah! Vincent!"he yells.

"It's gonna hurt. Sorry." I said.

"Just take it out!"he yelled.

"Bu-" I started to say.

And dad slammed into the room. "What the hell?!"he yelled then looked at us.

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