The Bad Boy by QveenCammy
The Bad Boyby Cammy
Last year, Ella Grace was beaten half to death by her sister and her friends, while her brother watched. Her two siblings went onto a summer trip, leaving her behind. Sh...
  • mormon
  • wattys2018
  • smith
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Badboy Called Me Princess?! [ Completed ] by x_xangelxx
Badboy Called Me Princess?! [ Directioner
It's all started with a ball hit straight to Ivory forehead by Xavier Woodworks the school returned bad boy. He finds her interesting. He made her his princess. A love b...
  • captain
  • fashion
  • jealousy
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The Player's Cheerleader by ashlyn0304
The Player's Cheerleaderby ♡ashlyn♡
Zoey is the captain of the cheer team at her high school who has all the boys begging at her feet. Brody is the quarterback on the high school football team that all the...
  • romance
  • life
  • bestfriends
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My Best Friend's Brother by dontforgettosleep
My Best Friend's Brotherby 🌞
Ryleigh Adams has been best friend's with Emma Dawson for as long as she could remember, which meant she had to deal with her idiot of a brother, Hunter, along the way...
  • teen
  • cheerleading
  • love
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bring it on freaks  by Dark_N_Kawaii
bring it on freaks by 🍬有平糖🍫
⚠might make u horny⚠ Im Stephanie a jr cheerleader who's about to get sexual and freaky. If you think things could get any more freaky then watch an see.
  • lesbian
  • adult
  • xxx
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The Last Cheer (Book 1 of the Cheer series) by QueenShae007
The Last Cheer (Book 1 of the Shaylee
Melissa and Steven, the inseparable twins. Melissa's life seemed perfect, but as life goes, it flings something to mess everything up. The call came on a Tuesday afterno...
  • wattys2016
  • hospitals
  • prom
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Fooling Ourselves by Kelly_Al
Fooling Ourselvesby Alyssa
It was simple. He was my brother's ex-bestfriend and now enemy. I was supposed to stay away from him. I was supposed to be loyal to my brother and avoid him. I was suppo...
  • abuse
  • enemies
  • quarterback
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The Bad Boy Wants Me? by selfiequeen5079
The Bad Boy Wants Me?by SelfieQueen123
This girl moves into a new town across the country, to find out she has the school's bad boy as her neighbor. Will Sophia Mathews be able to resist Cameron Watters charm...
  • teen
  • wattys2018
  • neighbor
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My Twin Mates and I by alyxxstar
My Twin Mates and Iby alyxxstar
"You're ours, forever, until the day we leave this earth." ****** Started on 7/25/2016 Highest Rank- #15 on 8/15/2017
  • ours
  • goodgirl
  • love
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Captain vs Captain  by littledancerxx
Captain vs Captain by Little Dancer
Adding a head Cheerleader and a Football Captain together is bound to cause trouble Cover by @cynicswereoutraged xx
  • drama
  • student
  • teen
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Cheering on the Badboy by amandalee14
Cheering on the Badboyby amandalee14
I watched her out of the corner of my eye. As the cheer team threw her in the air revealing more of her long luscious legs. As she landed in the arms of the girls I got...
  • goodgirl
  • cinner
  • tattoos
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The Unforgettable Kiss by just_a_normal_gurll
The Unforgettable Kissby just_a_normal_gurll
Alex's first kiss was stolen by a stranger, at least she thought he was but when she finds out the strangers real identity her life changes. Continue reading to find out...
  • lacrosse
  • wadepoezyn
  • teenromance
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The Captains' Bet by Thorned-Roses
The Captains' Betby Thorned-Roses
It stared as one of their usual games.. She was everything anyone would want He was everything everyone wanted Parker Jacobs (PJ), and Ryan Alexanders were the mo...
  • boy
  • ryan
  • captains
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Corrupting Ms.Popular  by DemonPrincess101
Corrupting Ms.Popular by DemonPrincess101
Highest Ranking : #75 in Teen Fiction Olivia Rivers, the girl who is known for being perfect. The girl who gets top grades, who participates in every after school activ...
  • romance
  • teenfiction
  • popular
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stoic by potnoodlee
stoicby aria
Mackenzie Thomson is your average popular girl - bestfriend with the cheer captain and has the most popular boyfriend in the whole school. That's until she found out tha...
  • teens
  • bad
  • fiction
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Falling For My Best Friends Brother by sshaylenee
Falling For My Best Friends Brotherby sshaylenee
It all started when Riley Allister was dared to kiss her best friends ass of an older brother. But soon, she finds herself falling in love- hard. Story idea credit goes...
  • high
  • love
  • brother
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No Strings Attached? by franciscoxxlachowski
No Strings Attached?by franciscoxxlachowski
"No strings attached?" I asked as he kissed down my neck. "No strings attached." He replied, before placing his soft lips on mine. ...
  • capitans
  • teenlove
  • selenagomez
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The Sarcastic Cheer Captain✔ by -unlucky-
The Sarcastic Cheer Captain✔by Charm Eustaquio
"So you're the new Cheer Captain?" He said with the cigarette between his fingers. "No. I'm the new quarterback smartass." I said sarcastically and t...
  • cheerleading
  • badboy
  • stereotyping
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The Boy I Hate ✔️ by juliawithlove
The Boy I Hate ✔️by julia
When an epic prank war breaks out amongst rival school's baseball teams, Mabel Abram finds herself playing double agent for her boyfriend; pretending to befriend the boy...
  • secrets
  • lovehate
  • athletes
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I'm Back by Speak_Louder_
I'm Backby Speak_Louder_
Alexa Richards. She isn't bullied. She isn't fat. She is a tiny, sweet, naive, little pushover that hasn't hit puberty yet. Alexa is a sophomore in high school. She has...
  • richards
  • sweet
  • jocks
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