Chapter 4: Skirt or Tights

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Vincent's POV
Today was Friday and all clubs, sports, and etc were called down to get their uniforms. Cheerleaders and football players had to go to the gym to get theirs. When I got there Sammie already had his uniform and there was a long line.

"Sammie!" I call to get his attention. He doesn't hear me. I try to get through the crowds and line to get to him. "Sa-" I stop myself when I see him talking to a girl.

She seemed new. I think I saw her on Wednesday but didn't really pay any attention to her. She was wearing a yellow, red, and white cheerleading uniform. I stare at the girl then him, trying to analyze what's going on but I get brought out of my thoughts.

"Hey Vincent!" a voice said.

I thought it was Sammie but he was still talking to the girl. I turned around and it was Derrick he wasn't in uniform so he probably didn't get it yet.

"Hey," I said a bit disappointed as I walked over to him at in the line.

"Oh, you thought I was Mason huh?" Derrick asked smirking.

I almost forgot about Mason. I started smiling. "Nope," I said shaking my head.

"Oh well come on and get in line before anyone notices," he whispered and pulled me in line.

When we finally got up there I went to the girl coach and Derrick went to Coach Kal.

"Vincent." the coach said smiling. "I heard a lot about you," she said now smirking.

I gulped, damn Coach Kal. "All good things I hope," I say.

"You could say something like that," she said with her eyes slanted. "I heard some very interesting things though," she said and I panicked. I guess she noticed because she looked amused.

"I have a long sleeved and short sleeve shirt for you," she said giving it to me in the bag.

"What about pants?" I asked.

"I have a skirt but I didn't think you would want to wear that," she said.

"Well, what am I suppose to wear then?" I asked shocked.

"I bought some tights I thought you could wear," she said shrugging her shoulders.

"Tights." I squeaked which made her smile.

"Yes it's that or the skirt," she said with her eyes gleaming. "Or you could wear just your boxers," she said looking amused.

"Wha-What!?" I said as my face heated up.

She leaned forward towards me. "So which is it?" she asked.

"Tights," I said looking down.

"Try the skirt too and then you can just wear the tights," she said smiling.

I was going to argue but she shoved the skirt in my hands. I left and changed in the bathroom near the gym. I came out embarrassed as I stepped back into the gym. People stared, laughed, and whispered.

"Can I take it off now," I said through clenched teeth.

She only smiled at me. "Go chat to your friends and see what they think then you can change," she said.

I see, I guess all the coaches are against me. I know this is Coach Kal's doing. I stomped my way to Derrick. He was changed. He turned around and his eyes widen.

"What are you wearing?" he said in shock.

"Don't ask, where's the midget?" I asked while gritting my teeth.

"Um Sammie?" he said and looked around. "Over there," he said pointing to the place with benches.

I walked over there. The girl and him were still talking. I cleared my throat. Both of them turned around and their eyes widen. Sammie smirked and stood up.

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