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Chapter 12: I'll Give Up

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Sammie's POV
Today is the 15th. Yes, I know how I feel but... He's taken. I can't just take him away. I mean if it was me in Mason's position I'd be pissed and depressed. So today I'm giving up. Well I still have feelings for him but I'm just going to put them to the side...well try. I walked into the school looking for Mason. Yeah, surprising right?

"Mason," I said when I saw him.

He turned and his eyes widen. My eyes widen as well. I didn't notice he was talking to Vincent.

"Hey, Sammie," Vincent said grinning.

"Hey," I said smiling while Mason glared at me. "Do you mind if I borrow your boyfriend right quick," I said grabbing Mason's arm.

Vincent's eyebrow went up. "Um okay," he said and I dragged Mason away from Vincent.

"What do you want?" Mason groaned.

"I give up you can have him," I said.

"I already had him," he said crossing his arms. "What's got you this way all of a sudden," he asked.

I glanced at Vincent and he was smiling and talking to Vincent. My heart pound. "Because if he's happy I don't want to get in the way of that," I said gulping.

"Good boy," he said patting my head.

I wanted to punch him but that would make Vincent upset. I guess Mason is a bit better than I am. He's a better football player, he's popular, and he has Vincent. And only one of those things is what I really want the most.

"You didn't have a chance." a voice said.

My eyes widen and I looked up and he wasn't there.


Did that... Okay, Samuel just walk it off. Breathe in breathe-

"Sammie what are you doing?" a voice said.

I turned around and yelped. "Oh, Derrick," I said.

"Why are you pacing around?" he asked.

I told him everything. He looked amused. I sighed as we went to the gym. Vincent was walking with Mason so we decided to walk to the gym without him.

"You know I knew you were gay right when I met you." he said laughing.

"What?" I said.

"Especially the way you act towards Vincent." he said.

"Well, I'm giving up," I said as we walked in line.

"Is your heart giving up?" he asked.

"I....no," I said.

"I know it hurts. But what goes around comes back around and those are the words from Beyonce," he said smiling.

I started laughing. "Derrick are you gay?" I asked.

"Nope," he said grinning.

"Oh, your not," I said surprised.

"I know strange right," he said grinning.

"Hey, guys!" Vincent said running towards us.

"Hey." Derrick and I both said at the same time.

After the long gym class lunch was finally here. We were walking to the cafeteria when Alexis grabbed me away from them into a corner.

"Where'd Sammie go?" Vincent said.

"Maybe he's in the bathroom. Come on let's go." Derrick said dragging him away.

"What is it, Alexis?" I ask.

"Warn Vincent," she said.

"About what?" I asked.

"Mason," she said.

"What, why?" I ask.

"Can't tell just warn him," she said shaking her head and leaving me confused.

How can I warn him when I don't know what to warn him about Mason? I sigh and walk into the cafeteria. As I sit and eat something doesn't feel right.
Mason is sitting at the table which I ignored. I'm sitting by Derrick today.

"So Vincent did you change your mind?" Mason asked.

Aww probably about his party Vincent told me that Mason wanted him to go. Then again I shouldn't get in between.

"Yeah did you?" I asked using my straw to spin the milk.

Vincent glanced at me giving me a look. But I didn't really understand.

"No, I did not change my mind." Vincent sighed.

Sorry Cliffhanger! So what do you think Mason wants exactly? Well, I will start writing the next chapter now.

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