Chapter 25: The Talk

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No not the show. And man I really wanted Chapter 25 to be the Christmas chapter but hey I want to do the chapter on Christmas eve or Christmas day so I'm just gonna have to wait. Well then to thee story.

Mr. Carter/ Vincent's dad POV
I made sure Vincent was in his room and not hiding near by.

"Okay." I said sitting back down. "So who do you like?" I asked already knowing the answer.

Why ask? Because I wanted to see if he'll admit to it. He likes Vincent I can tell. It's written all over his face. But Vincent is too dense and so is Sammie probably maybe.

"Uh."he said looking everywhere but me.

"I got all day." I said laying back.

"Mr. Carter?"he said.

"Yes?" I said.

"Please don't tell him."he said staring directly at me.

"That depends." I said moving my head to side to side.

"I like Vincent, your son. Please don't tell him."he said jumping out of his seat.

"So when did you find out you were gay?" I asked a bit curious.

"Vincent."he mumbled.

My eyes widen. Well I guess he does have surprises. "Um well don't hurt my son." I said.
"He doesn't see me that way."he said.

"Maybe and you two are just too dumb to notice. But mostly him." I mumbled as I stood up.

"Huh?"he said.

"Nothing. Vincent!" I yelled.

Vincent's POV
Stupid old man. Now I'll never know who Sammie likes. I'm a bit pissed I'm the only one who doesn't know...well that's half of the reason. The other reason is I just don't....know exactly. I run in the living room.

"What?" I say a bit annoyed.

"You may ask Sammie and he might just tell you."dad said grinning.

"Really?! Who do you like?" I asked.

Sammie glared at me for a while. Then he scoffed. "Like I'm telling you,please."he said smirking.

"You lied dad." I said moping.

"I said might."dad said grinning.

"I'm going home." Sammie said standing up.

"Wait." I said grabbing his arm.

He turned to look at me. Our eyes met and he looked away. I grinned. "Who do you like?" I asked.

He acted like when I asked that question an arrow was shot at him.

"One question."he said.

"What is it?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"If the person you liked asked you who'd you like how would you feel?"he asked with slanted eyes.

"Annoyed, frustrated, and probably pissed maybe." I said.

"Uh huh."he said and took his arm away from me and left me confused.

"Why'd he ask me that?" I asked turning to dad.

"Son your giving me a headache please go to your room."dad said rubbing his forehead.

I pouted and went to my room. I shut my door behind me. I fell back onto my bed. Old man and short midget.

Sorry it was a bit short but that's all for tonight. Bye!

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