Chapter 37: Windy Wednesday

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Sammie's POV
As I walked I was being pushed back by the wind. I was trying to fight back and ended up slipping back onto my back. (See what I did there)

"Ow." I groaned. I looked up and Vincent was staring back at me.

"Why are you always around when I get hurt or do something embarrassing?" I ask as I sit up and he helps me get up.

"Maybe it's faith."he said smiling.

"Or maybe you just want to laugh at me." I say smirking.

"That too."he said grinning.

"Hey!" I yelled and he laughed.

"Two more two more days before your big game."he said nudging me.

"Yeah,yeah" I said nodding my head.

"Are you excited?"he asked jumping around me.

"It's more like your excited." I said smiling and shaking my head.

"Yeah, I am."he said stopping in front of me smiling big.

"And why is that?" I ask.

"Because you-"he starts to say.

"Hey guys!" Derrick yells coming over to us.

"Derrick." Vincent said and Derrick gave him a nuggie on the head.

"Ouch,stop!" Vincent laughs.

Derrick let's go and turns to me. "Now it's your turn."he said coming closer to me.

"Back! No-" I say but something warm grabs my waist.

I turn just a slight and it's Vincent. My eyes widen a bit.

"No nuggie for Sammie."he said rubbing his face in my hair.

My face heated up while Derrick smirked. "What are you doing." I said pushing him off.

"Uh I don't really know." Vincent said looking down with his face lightly flushed. Vincent decided to change the subject.

"So ready for the game?" Vincent asked Derrick smiling nervously as he walked past me to Derrick.

"Oh, I'm so excited I gave you a nuggie!" Derrick yelled almost to the world while we laughed.

We started walking to school again. Then I remembered I asked Vincent a question.

"Hey Vincent?" I said.

"Hm?"Vincent said.

"Why are you so excited about the game?" I asked.

It's not like it was our last game but it was close to our last game.

"Uh well I just hope you guys win this time."Vincent said shrugging.

That doesn't sound not even close what he was going to say. I slanted my eyes at him. I poked him in his side.

"Ow, what?" Vincent said while Derrick chuckled.

"That is not what you were going to say." I said and Vincent rolled his eyes.

"Because you might just not fall on your face this game."he said making me remember what happened during practice.

"Shut up!" I snapped and they only laughed. "It's not my fault you two are good at what you do." I mumbled.

I looked up and noticed Vincent was staring at my face I think. And in his eyes was something I didn't really see because he looked away. And his face flushed.

Vincent's POV
Stupid head! I can't think about his lips! It's wrong! I never felt any of this for Mason so why Sammie my best friend?

"Vincent?" Sammie said getting all in my space causing me to slip on ice and fall.

Almost fall. I opened my eyes surprised I didn't fall. But how?
I look behind me and see a dizzy Sammie laying under me. And I guess I sat on him.

"Hahahahahaha!" I laughed as I got up and dusted the snow off me.

"Sometimes I want to slap your smile off your face."he groaned as he sat up and his head was moving side to side.

"But you hate when I'm sad." I pouted and his face flushed lightly.

"Of course I do."he said using the pole to help him up.

After we got in school guess who was making out?

"Ew Alexis!" I cried, shielding Sammie from the sight.

Derrick was enjoying it I see. Dirty Basterd.

"Derrick take cover!" I yelled still having my hands on Sammie's eyes.

Even though Alexis and Veronica stopped I was still shrieking.

"Vincent shut up."they all said to me. Even Sammie.

"Rude much?" I say taking my hands off Sammie's eyes.

I'm glad on Tuesday we all started to get along well Veronica and us our eh. Sammie and Derrick and her are eh. But whatever.

To Probably be Continued in Gym.

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