Chapter 28: A Favor

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Vincent's POV
Your probably thinking it's the favor I owe Sammie but your wrong. Dad asked me to do something for him. Today is Saturday and it's the fifth. Dad said today, the next Friday, the one after that and the other two Saturdays I would be doing him a favor at the mall. And man I should of guess it was this.

"This beard is uncomfortable and I'm pretty sure Santa does not have green eyes." I said staring at myself in the mirror.

"What you wanted me to get you contacts too?"dad said grinning.

"No I like my real eyes just fine." I chuckle.

"Good. Sorry about the way."dad said patting on my back as I walked out.

The Santa area looked amazing and beautiful. I spin around looking at it in awe. I sat in a very comfortable chair. Dad shook his head smiling.

"Good luck."dad said leaving to go to one of his posts.

I sighed as I looked around. It was 7:30 in the morning. I had to wait until it was eight. So I decided to walk around.

Which of course was a


Now I'm lost. I'm walking around and I'm asking some workers. But all they do is shrug or laugh. $hit I'm in trouble.

"Son?"a voice said.

I turn around. My dad has no idea how glad I am to see him.

"Dad!" I say jumping at him and hugging him.

"Vincent."he said sounding pissed but he was smiling.

"Sorry dad I got lost." I said pouting.

"Let's go, the doors are about to be unlocked."he said.

I ran behind him back to where I was suppose to be. I flopped down in the chair. Dad glared at me.

"Don't leave this spot until I say so."he said.

"What if I have to use the restroom?" I asked smirking.

"Fine and that."he said about to leave. "Stay."he said and left.

I pulled my beard down and stuck my tongue out. Whatever I'm helping you out. Eventually children, parents, and older annoyed siblings came.

"I want a unicorn for Christmas."the little boy said.

His mom stared at him like he was crazy. "No."she said shaking her head. "You want something like a truck or dinosaur."she said smiling nervously.

"Mom I want a unicorn. Their pretty."he said.

"But-"his mom started to say.

"If you can't accept what he likes or who he likes in the future you are terrible." I said and then I shut my mouth quickly regretting what I said.

She slants her eyes at me. Luckily know one paid attention.

"I mean." I said avoiding contact with her and brought all my attention to the little boy. "Of course I'll give you a unicorn." I say to the little boy that looks...four?

"Really?!"he said smiling brightly.

"Yes, what's your name?" I ask.

"Blaise."he said smiling.

"Well Blaise." I said smiling as I helped him off my lap. "I'll make sure to give you something extra for being a good little boy." I said patting his head.

"Yay!"he said as he left with his mom holding his hand.

"Santa."a small voice said I immediately looked down.

It was a little girl. She had pool eyes that seemed familiar. But her hair was golden blonde. I looked up and my eyes met with another pair of pool eyes.

"Vincent?" Sammie said looking confused.

"Sammie!" I said smiling brightly.

He put his lips in his mouth. It looked like he was holding back a laugh.

"Where's Vincent?"the little girl said looking around.

"Who's this little one?" I ask smiling.

"She's my little cousin."he said smiling down at her. "Her name is Ashely."he said swinging their arms.

"Sounds like a bithchy name." I said and Sammie covered her ears.

Like I said luckily know one was paying attention.

"Damn she's a child. And whatever she says when I bring her back will be blamed on me."he hissed as I smirked.

"I don't think you want her to say damn either." I said still smirking.

"Whatever."he said taking his hands off her ears. "First a cheerleader and now this."he said shaking his head.

"Why don't you help e out and be an elf?" I asked smiling.

"Yeah! Help Santa!" Ashely said swinging his arm.

"And why would I do that?"he asked me ignoring Ashely making her frown.

"Cause your short to be one. She's about to your hip, by eight she'll be at your shoulder." I said laughing.

"I'm not that short."he snorted.

"And I could put you on the naughty list." I said smirking.

"Oh really now?"he said smirking now.

"Hey Santa?!" dad said pushing past of all the people. Then he saw Sammie and grinned. "Hey Sammie."dad said.

"Hey Mr.Carter."he said smiling.

"Santa hurry things up. You got a long line and some people want to take pictures."dad said and I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah okay." I sighed as I helped Ashely on my lap. "What do you want for Christmas?" I asked.

"I want to meet this Vincent, Sammie talks abo-" Ashely was stopped by Sammie's hand.

"Well be leaving now."he said and dragged her out the mall as she screamed.

I smirked and shook my head. "Who's next?" I said.

When it was one pm I left the mall to burger king with dad. He was having a lunch break. He would have to go back to work after he dropped me off at home. I slurped my starburst slushie.

"Ahhhh brain freeze." I say rubbing my head while dad laughs.

The little boy Blaise will be in another story I will be making. Except he won't be a little boy of course. Any who bye bye my little potatoes.

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