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^^ I would like to thank you all for everything! I know I haven't been that active and I am very sorry. Hopefully soon I can start updating more again for my other books. Don't worry though guys I have ideas for books its just it takes me time especially with school. Maybe during the summer I'll start writing more and won't be distracted. That would be nice. I will also try to start preparing for college so that might distract me a bit from my books. But hopefully it won't too much.

Readers out there who want write also. Just write! You can do it. You might be a faster writer or better writer maybe both than me XD. Just try to believe in yourself. And if you need help I'm sure others including myself wouldn't mind to help. Best to ask me for help through PM because I don't always catch things in comments.

Any who's thank you all for your support XD and sorry I didn't make this note sooner. I didn't notice the book had hit 200K! Well my potatoes...STAY CALM, SLEEP, EAT, READ/WRITE, REPEAT!

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