Chapter 6: Super Sunday

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Okay yeah I know it's not Sunday but so what. I decided to make another chapter. Anyway, the little forest story is what happened to me and it happened on a Sunday. Anywho here's the chapter.

Vincent's POV
"DANA nana! DANA nana!" I said this as I played an air guitar wearing only my boxers.

I turned my radio on and It's Always A Good Time was on. I danced around. I was celebrating what happened last night today since I couldn't do it last night. My mom came into my room. Rude! That's what they should have had on at that moment.

"Yes, mom?" I said turning down the volume.

"You're up a bit early and happy," she said smiling.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," I said grinning.

"Well at least take a shower and-" she began to say.

"Yeah okay," I said running to the bathroom.

As I took a shower the song was still playing in my head. I got out brushed my teeth. I went to my room and changed into a red long sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans.

"Morning!" I said to dad as I came into the kitchen.

"Morning, what are you doing up early?" he asked with an eyebrow up while smiling.

"I'm just in the spirit and it's ten," I said rolling my eyes while smiling.

"Last time we checked you told us ten was too early when we tried to wake you up," he said laughing.

"Psh whatever, where's the food?" I asked sitting down at the table.

Dad rolled his eyes and sipped his coffee. Mom smiled.

"If you two want food, make it. I have work," she said getting an apple.

"Again." my dad said practically whining.

"That's not breakfast," I said pointing to the apple.

"It's healthy," she said.

"And it's not gonna fill you up," I said.

"I have granola bars in the car," she mumbled as she left the kitchen.

"I bet that's not the only thing she got in there." my dad whispered and I nodded.

"Bye boys!" she said and we heard the door open then close.

"Father and son time." dad said smiling.

Oh no. Not father and son time. I was about to run but he was already ahead of me. My room door was somehow locked. I turned around to see an evil grin on his face. Now here I am with dad taking a nature walk in the forest.

"Let's get off the man-made one," he said.

Damn dad with being so adventurous. I followed him as he showed me stuff. Then eventually he saw a tree that had fallen and it was like a bridge high above the river. He grinned at me. No dad no. I shake my head. There were thorns all over there.

"Come on it'll be fun," he said getting in the thorns.

"You can get cut up and fall in the river if you want to but I'll be right here," I said.

But I couldn't stand just standing there watching him trying to get to the log. I sighed and got cut by the thorns. We walked a bit on the log.

"Alright let's go back. It might not be safe to keep on going," he said.

Safe?! Now he thinks about Safety?! As we get off the log I get cut by some thorns again. And I'm bleeding. Not bad though.

"So lead us back to the car," he said grinning.

"Dad," I said.

"Hm?" he said.

"I fucking hate you sometimes." Is what I wanted to say even though I loved him. But instead, I said "I'm never going to go walking with you ever again." and he laughed.

I tried to lead us to the car but somehow I made us end up on a soccer field. He shook his head and sighed. Turns out he did know the way to the car. Basterd. When we got home it was two. We both went straight to the kitchen. We looked for food that we didn't have to cook. But it turned out with us ordering pizza. Dad said I could invite a friend over because he was probably gonna take a nap. -~- Like always. So I decided to call Sammie over. Oh, you thought I was gonna call Mason hahaha WRONG!............

Okay, I tried but he didn't answer. Geez! So after calling him a minute later, he was here.

"Vincent you seem lonely," he said smirking as he walked in.

"I should slap that smirk off your face," I said closing the door and locking it.

"Ah your old man is asleep," he said quietly as we walked past him to my room.

"Yeah." I said as he ran to my bed.

We played mii party. It was fun. We turned it off and called Derrick to see what he was up to. He was at home alone. We crashed into his place and we decided to play Twister. And now to think that was a big mistake. Who's idea was it to play twister?........

Oh yeah me. Well stupid me then. We were all having fun. But Sammie had to fall and landed on top of me. But what made it awkward is that is when Derrick's mom came in. And oh man was she confused and pissed. She was confused about what was going on. And pissed that Derrick didn't ask to have visitors. Derrick got in trouble and Sammie went home and I decided to go to the arcade. And guess who I saw?

Mason? How did you know? Anyway, we hung out there and had a good time. We went out and ate. Then he took me home. He kissed me goodbye and left. Also, he made it clear we were dating! Yes! I can't wait to tell Derrick and Sammie at school tomorrow. Ugh school or should I say hell?

And that is it for tonight. I'm sleepy..... Okay, I'm not but I should go to sleep until tomorrow. This time I'm serious.

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