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Thank you all for supporting me! We finally reached 300K! Right before I start school too XD so yay! I'm not really sure where to go with this note but let's see what I can do here. I just don't what to really say. I'm just very thankful because really I feel like this story needs a lot of editing Xd but this isn't the worse story ever so it's okay! My books are written to make me happy and to make others happy.

I take my time out of the day to write. All writers do, so if you see any mistakes you can tell writers but please do remember be kind about it because who knows how much stress or work they do. Editing is also a long process! Most writers I know don't like to read their own stories haha. Weird right? So editing takes time. I've realized for me it's a bit easier to edit someone else's book than your own. Funny how that works.

Alsoooo about this series and well any series. I know the most love comes from my books that are apart of series but for now (not sure if it will be forever or not) I will not be writing any more books for the series I have. The two series (that could be continued) are Coffee Stains and I'm a Cheerleader. I want to write other books that most likely be stand-alone books but who knows maybe some new ideas will turn into series. But the series take time to write sometimes and can be stressful. I worry if it's just as good as the first book. I worry if it's terrible and so on. I also stress myself out about finishing it.

Honey Shot 2 was never published because my second year of high school kind of shook up my world. I realized I hardly had time to write for the books I had already published. I don't know if this book will ever be published because I'm not sure if I want to write it anymore. Years ago I planned on writing a squeal and thought I could. That also was the time I didn't have a word limit I wanted t reach and wasn't really stressed out over school and so many other things. Sometimes you just got to know when to bail.

I think the best thing to do is to not start something if you're not sure about it. It's better to say hey this book might not be published at all or for now. Then saying sorry but I'm not going to finish this book. I would feel way worse by starting a book then in the end not ever finish. Putting it on hold is one thing because I know hey I will hopefully come back to it. But stopping in the middle of it or so would just make me feel bad. So I decided not to even publish a chapter I wrote for that book. I didn't want people to think hey I'll be able to write it now but in the end, I don't. XD this might seem similar to My Youth the book I haven't updated in a while until today but there is a difference.

Even though they both are old ideas I think Honey Shot is older. And the squeal I planned I am not very fond of much anymore. I don't think it would be very good as the first one. I'm not sure if I'll be even able to finish it. But My Youth I just haven't had time to think about it was trying to finish my recent books so I could have more time to write for it. Also not to mention I kind of thought of more ideas for it and have somethings planned out. I think I have an idea for the ending too. My Youth I know might take some time to finish it but my other books that aren't completed also will take some time to finish. So I know I will finish it but it will just take some time. Books actual books can take a very long time to finish.

Think about it this way. You're seeing all my drafts. My drafts could be great! And then my old drafts aka old books could be terrible. But since the story is finished I just need to edit it but that will take a very long time if they are old. While my new drafts are more recent and show my growth and probably won't need much editing for now but maybe in the long run. So you might not be seeing the final product and even during the process through drafts before it being completed it takes time. Now if it gets completed at a fast pace it might not be as good versus the book that took longer to finish. Some books of mine that are a bit more recent might have been finished quicker because of the preparations. Maybe I planned a lot out maybe I only planned the ending but knew where I was going with it. But either way, books take time but it does suck to wait for updates and then have to reread if you forget things. I completely understand but remember we are all human and we have struggles too. And books take time to be completed sometimes.

But back to thanking you all for the support! I hope you all continue to support me through thick and thin! We've come a long way now. Also, I'm hosting a contest (for the second time might have to host it a third time) but it's the chapter before this one. I need judges and people to participate so if you have a book around what the contest is looking for why not submit it? Tell your friends about it! And yes their are prizes! If you have any ideas for the contest too let me know. Have a nice day/night!

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