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The Last Shifter by broken-pixie
The Last Shifterby broken-pixie
She's the last of her kind. As a rare white tiger shifter she has to keep hidden from the hunters. But, what if she starts to fall for one of the sons of her family's ki...
  • short
  • anna
  • white
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Falling for the Executor by Kimgoodall
Falling for the Executorby Kimberly
Allison (Ali) Harper seems to be a normal girl, living in New York City. But after a late night walk, Ali finds herself kidnapped by the G.E Organization. Ali must learn...
  • molly
  • jake
  • lovetriangle
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I'm Back, But Am I by pixiebug1
I'm Back, But Am Iby Ariana Raven
this is a spencer reid one it takes place after jj and wills wedding so about season 8. I DONT OWN ANY CHARECTERS FROM THE SHOW, I COULD NEVER THINK OF SUCH BRILLENT CH...
  • rossi
  • penelope
  • spenceried
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Of Deafness and Divinity by ASmallerPerspective
Of Deafness and Divinityby ASmallerPerspective
Maria O'Riley doesn't have the easiest life. Growing up Deaf in a home where your mother believes you're just pretending for attention isn't fun. Sure, her brother Lars...
  • school
  • high
  • greek
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A mirracle by Jessica_Connor
A mirracleby Jessica_Connor
Ryan and Arden finds the love of their life which is each other what will happen?
  • erika
  • santos
  • mirracle
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The Female Escort by CottonCandyEyes
The Female Escortby Samantha
Cora is a female escort. She usually detests her job and her clients, but she just might have found one that changes her mind.
  • cussing
  • fake
  • sleeping
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My Regrettable Life. Chap. 2 by erinplusmeforever56
My Regrettable Life. Chap. 2by Shaina Rosario
  • derrick
  • jason
  • charlotte
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You Can If You Try by XOXO_Jenna_OXOX
You Can If You Tryby Jenna
  • sexual
  • derrick
  • bat
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I love you by AlexiaMariaMoynihanF
I love youby Alexia Maria Moynihan Full
  • martin
  • monasterio
  • derlex
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Military made by hannah0515
Military madeby hannah0515
Life gets turned upside down for twins Casey and Caroline. They will start military school TOGETHER but what makes matters worse they are daughters of a marine general s...
  • lilly
  • casey
  • caroline
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Neon Letters of Love by sspencerr27
Neon Letters of Loveby sspencerr27
Jansen San Miguel had seen a lot in his 35 years in the Philippines. But he is sure that this certain story will be told to his children, grandchildren, and to all his d...
  • lexi
  • juliet
  • derrick
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What if? {A Zankie Fanfic} by They_made_You_Lie
What if? {A Zankie Fanfic}by They made You Lie
What if Derick never broke them? What if Frankie saw through the lies? What if he doesn't? What if? It's 2017 but this week in the BB house can still count as the one o...
  • finaltwo
  • zachrance
  • cody
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Immortal Dyzre by bella28082001
Immortal Dyzreby bella28082001
Sometimes I look out to the sea and wonder, why did the creator of all really choose me? I was so young only 6... Guess that didn't matter, the only thing that mattered...
  • blue
  • dyzre
  • kingdom
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Time Bomb {Alex Gaskarth} (Continuing If Requested) by myboxedeyeballs
Time Bomb {Alex Gaskarth} ( Jess
What if you had a timer counting down until the day you meet the love of your life? And what if you got the wrong person?
  • alltimelow
  • zackmerrick
  • derrick
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Butterfly Fly Away by forgottennever
Butterfly Fly Awayby Elizabeth Peterson
"The greatest lesson we can ever learn is the lesson of the butterfly." I told him, stepping away slightly, not meeting his eyes. "But what if the butterf...
  • outcast
  • butterfly
  • pain
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heal me.  by lovelikejay
heal me. by lovelikejay
Derrick Rose is just as broken as she is, maybe not in the same way but they both just need someone to heal them.
  • derrick
  • jimmy
  • fiction
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Love Lost by ahhhmazing
Love Lostby ahhhmazing
Just when Victoria thinks she and her crush will actually have a chance, life intervenes and Derrick ends up in a coma. After hanging around the hospital for a couple of...
  • victoria
  • highschool
  • falling
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