January News

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Hey everyone! It's been a while. Obviously I have some news to share. One is that I posted the first chapter of Bipolar Sunshine on Tapas! And don't worry about ads they aren't video ones unless you actually choose to watch them for coins! Head down there to check out my book and remember to subscribe! I think I'll post a chapter for it every Saturday? Unless something comes up of course.

Also one of my many Instagrams (this one is the one I use the most) is cinnabunking

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Also one of my many Instagrams (this one is the one I use the most) is cinnabunking. Now I don't always post things about my book, I post multiple things such as my drawings. XD Don't be too hard on me, I'm learning! But you will know about story updates and so on probably earlier on there. I will post things about my tapas stories, contests, commissions and maybe more in the future! So head down there and follow your girl! XP

Also I might have talked about this before or not but I will be trying to study this month for the ACT. Even though I haven't had much time to -_- because of college Precalculas Algebra, cough cough professor. Anyway! Wish me luck on the ACT, I hope I at least get a 24 if not higher. Heads up, Junior year in high school is the hardest. So all that are in the other years below, good luck when it is your time!

Study, don't procrastinate! It's also the time for college preparation and scholarships. I've applied to some scholarships, not a lot but omg do they take forever to get to the deadline and you to not get anything to at least say you didn't get it -_- which would be nice.

Anyway! This note is just a heads up on things and some great news for me to share! So please go check those apps out and support me! ❤❤❤ It would be a lot of help if I can reach my goals, I can help my family better and possibly stress a bit less. I love you all, have a nice day/night!

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