Chapter 48: All I Want For Christmas

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Vincent's POV
I sigh and groan. I've been mopeing around the house. I can tell it's ticking dad off.

"Vincent shut the hell up!"he yelled.

"But I failed." I said.

Dad sat at the table. "What did you fail at?"he asked.

"On getting a gift for Sammie." I said.

"Vincent."he said and then he smiled big. "Hey I know something that might cheer you up."he said grinning.

"What's that?" I asked as he got his phone out of his pocket.

Sammie's POV
We all had to wait for a judge who was running late. And who was that judge exactly?

Ding Ding Ding we have a Winner!

He came sat at the table like everything was okay. I glanced at him and he only grinned.

"Now since our judge is here we can start." Jamie said smiling big. "Now for this round our contestants will be singing."he said grinning.

By the way guys there's only eight of us this time. Two we're kicked off.

"We will choose a song to play."Jamie said spinning around.

I shook my head at him. "The judges will judge on what they choose to wear, how their hair looks, if their wearing makeup, how good they are, and how loud you guys clap." Jamie said then he turned to us eight. "Go in the back. The ladies in there will assist you if you need help.

We went back to change. Honestly I had no idea what to wear. So I decided with a red sweater that said Naughty or Nice in white. And a Santa Claus hat that said Naughty in gold. Hey it's Christmas season. Why not?

"Your first!" Jamie said pulling me out onto a stage.

They turned on a song I knew very well. Jamie was grinning. I could tell he was the cause of this. I sighed and walked to the microphone. I grabbed the stick. I breathed in. They turned off the lights for effect. Which almost made me scream until they turned on the colored lights on the stage. I then exhaled.

Turn on the music now. (Lol sorry. Also the story might match the same time as the singing but I tried.)

I open my mouth and start to sing. I realize a certain someone is recording and grinning while Jamie laughs.
I try to ignore and keep on singing my heart out.

You know what's funny? This is actually how I feel. I start getting this fuzzy feeling. I smile as I sing.

People whistle and clap. I'm not even done. Someone starts throwing roses on the stage.

What the hell. It's winter where the heck did they get roses from. I keep on singing but then someone throws their shirt on stage. What the hell is wrong with these people. And of course a bra shows up. Ew I already have to deal with my mom. I kick it away feeling a bit grossed out. Jamie is laughing his ass off and so is Mr. Carter.
I see their working against me. I'll get them back some how. But no time for revenge right now. I could feel glares behind me. I guess it's the other contestants.

I started to think about all the plans I had made for Christmas Eve. I couldn't wait to surprise him. I smiled even more bigger.

Vincent's POV
I went back to the Game Stop. I was fired up. I had the streath to fight to get the GHU for Sammie. And I will not give up. I walked into the store and Mr. Grumpy was there.

"What are you doing here?"he asked putting away a game.

"Buying unicorns for thee children!" I said. He looked at me like I was crazy. "Why else would I be in a game store?" I said rolling my eyes.

"We might have a unicorn game."he said and I face palmed myself.

"I'm here for the GHU." I mumbled.

"Do you have the money?"he asked looking bored.

Why is your sorry ass even working here?!

"No, not all of it." I said giving a fake smile.

"Get out."he said.

WTF did he just say to me. I slammed my hand on the desk and opened my mouth to say something but two buff dudes grabbed my arms.

"$hit." I mumbled while the guy smirked.

"Ah bye bye."he said as they started dragging me.

"I have rights!" I yelled.

"You have the right to remain silent."the guy said crossing his arms.

"Fuck you." I said and he only smirked as they dragged me into the cold.

I rubbed my but as I stood up. How the hell did he know I was coming back? Yeah I told him but it didn't mean I was really gonna come back. I frowned as I stared at the GHU. I kicked some snow in frustration.

"Stupid high prices." I grumbled.

"Don't take it out on the snow."a voice said.

I turned around to see Mr.Grumpy. "Oh it's just you." I said.

He rolled his eyes with his arms crossed. "Why do you want the GHU so bad?"he asked not seeming to care.

"Why are you asking?" I said with slanted eyes.

"Because I find it pathetic your here."he said.

Don't punch him. "FISH." I said.

"Huh?"he said and strike him down, and he holds his jaw.

F is for Fuck I is for It S is for $hit and H is Happens.

"It's not bleeding." I say taking a close look.

"You-Your crazy."he stammered.

I slanted my eyes and smirked. "Yes I am. Crazy about someone so I'm crazy when it comes to anything about him." I said.

Wait what the hell did I just say?!

I did a fake cough as the guy looked me up and down while holding his jaw.

"Are you checking me out?" I asked with a eyebrow up.

"I could call the police on you."he said ignoring my question.

"But you wouldn't." I said looking like this (⌒_⌒). "Right?" I say nervously as a devilish smile appears on his face.

Ah $hit.

So what do you guys think? What will the guy do? What did Mr. Carter show to Vincent? Will Sammie win this round? Will Vincent ever get the GHU? Lol sorry about all these questions. Byeeee guys

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